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Types of Wood Used on Wooden Garage Doors

Many consider that the garage door is one of the main attractions of the home’s exterior decoration as it is the house’s focal point. The garage door significantly impacts your home’s appearance and the value you select. Very few materials like wooden garage doors stand out to make a good impression on your house because it is elegant, timeless and customizable. 

When you check a garage door company, you will see that wooden garage door varies in quality, type and style. 


Choosing the style of your wooden garage door determines the design, layout and other factors. It affects the visual attractiveness of your house as seen from the street. Some popular wood garage doors for you to consider:

Carriage Style: Carriage-style doors look like they open outwards but most often, they open upwards. They are also very strong. This is a classy, appealing aesthetic that is uncommon in cities.

Solid Panel: If you are looking for a cheaper option, this might be your preferred style. This solid panel only includes flat panels with no other details.

Door With Windows: if you plan to make an impression on guests,  adding windows to your garage door might click. Although it is costly to install by a garage door repair company, most homeowners who choose this design think the stunning results were worth the price.

Raised Panel: Raised Panel creates more visual attractiveness than solid panel doors. That’s why they are more expensive. It features a curved wooden shape and adds more character to your outer design.


Types of wood that are commonly used for garage door materials:

Plywood: this is the cheapest and the most common basic wood door type. You can cover it with an exterior hardwood design for a good-looking outward appearance. Since plywood is so thin, it might come with some form of insulation.

Cedar:  Cedar garage door provides excellent insulation and soundproofing. It is unlikely to distort or crack in any temperature, humidity, or weather conditions. Moreover, it is resistant to pests and moisture effects. A door opener requires less work because it is a porous wood, making it lighter. You will have a lot of flexibility, like finishing it with different stains and paints. You can leave it unfinished to give it a worn, organic appearance. To keep its durability, a cedar garage door must be sealed every other year.

Red Oak: Its grain pattern attracts the customer to buy the Red Oak. It accepts wood stains easily. It is more expensive than Plywood. It is highly resistive to impact and shock.

White Oak: just like red oak, white oak has resistance and accepts wood stains easily. Apart from that, it differs in its coloring. As the name goes by, it varies from white to light brownish.

Redwood: Redwood garage doors are the best of the wooden ones. These types are made with layers of wood, so that heat and water won’t cause them to warp. You can paint or stain the wood.

Pine: Pine is not a common material for garage doors. But they are beautiful and smell nice, which tends to make them a good option. Pine must be stained yearly if you want it to stay solid and resistant to heat and other weather conditions. But if you don’t mind additional work, pine is a beautiful wood that will make your home look better.

Composite: This is not the same thing as plywood. Composite doors are made of wood fibers and synthetic resins mixed together to make a strong, well-insulated material. The core is insulated, and the outside wood fibers are resistant to the sun and other elements. Composite wood is a good choice for your garage doors because it looks nice and isn’t too expensive. The only bad thing about a composite garage door is that it doesn’t look as nice as cedar or solid wood doors. 

Besides composite,  Hardwood or softwood is used to make wooden garage doors.

Hardwood Garage Doors: Hardwood is a natural material that looks great because it comes in different colors and has different patterns in the wood grain. Because it has long, tightly packed wood fibers, it is called “hardwood.” Hardwoods are stronger and more resistant to damage and pests than softwoods. This means a garage door made of hardwood is harder to damage than one made of softwood.

Softwood for Garage Doors: Softwood is also made of natural materials as well as comes from evergreens. It can be used for many things because it is so easy to find. Because softwood trees grow straight and tall, they often come in long planks. This is why softwood is much cheaper and easier to find than hardwood for garage doors.


Most homeowners choose wood garage doors over fiberglass ones because wood looks better and lasts longer than fiberglass doors.

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