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Best Exterior Paint Combinations for Small Houses

Do you live in a small house and want to know the best exterior paint combinations? We’ve compiled a long list of different colors to choose from so you don’t get stuck with any bad choices. We’ve also included the pros and cons of each color, so you can make a decision easier. 

This blog post will introduce you to some of the best exterior paint colors for small houses. So, you can choose the best exterior paint combinations for your home.

Reason Why Small Houses Need Best Exterior Paint Combinations

Small houses usually don’t get enough attention. So the owners must be creative to make their homes adorable. But, this is just not a problem for small house owners. They can make their house attractive by using the best exterior paint combinations. 

Small houses usually look best when they are painted in the same colors. Otherwise, it will not stand out. Exterior paint colors should be chosen to make a small house look bigger and brighter. But you must try to keep it elegant and classy looking at the same time. 

Call your painting contractors to help pick the right paint combination for your small house!

Here is our list of some of the best exterior paint combinations for small houses:

1. White over Dark Blue Exterior Paint Combination

The white over dark blue exterior paint combination is often considered one of the best color options for small houses. This color can make the house look airy, elegant, and stylish. It’s also highly recommended for small houses that must be bright and cheerful.

The white over dark blue exterior paint combination will make the house look more prominent. It will also bring a well-suited natural atmosphere to the small house.

According to our experts, a white over dark blue exterior paint combination will make your home look like a fairy tale cottage in wintertime. You can even implement it in the summertime using white furniture.

2. Off-White Exterior Paint Combination

The off-white exterior paint combination is among the most popular paint choices in the United States. This color will make your small house look natural and look great. It will also look attractive if you add some accents in other tones of white such as light cream, taupe, or beige. An off-white exterior paint combination can work well for several other types of houses beside small houses.

The main advantage of this color is that it will look clean and stylish. It also does not draw much attention to itself. So your house will not look glaringly different from the surrounding houses.

3. Light Gray Exterior Paint Combination

A light gray exterior paint combination can be used on a small house. The color will make the house look neutral, but it will still do justice to the house’s colors. It will not be a bright color but rather a hint of light gray at the same time.

This color combination is often used in modern houses or ones meant to look good in idea but neutral in nature.

4. White Exterior Paint Combination

The white exterior paint combination works great on small houses. It works well, mostly decorated with cream, yellow, or soft blue colors. It will create a look that is soothing and relaxing. This can also make the small houses feel more spacious.

If you live in a warmer climate, you can use white exterior paint with dark green accents such as grass or bushes. A white exterior paint combination can also be used on houses made of wood. It will make them feel fresh and inviting.

The white exterior paint combination is an excellent choice for smaller house owners. It’s good if you want to try something new and fashionable at the same time but still retain your home’s style.

Ask your local painting company to help you decide what exterior paint combinations will work best for your house. They can also educate you on the best practices for selecting the right color.

The examples above are only some of small houses’ best exterior paint combinations. You can do plenty of research on your own. You can pick the right color combination to be your home’s perfect exterior paint.

Contemporary Exterior Colors for Small Houses

Generally, small houses do not always have high ceilings and big windows. Attractive exterior paint color is one of the easiest ways to give your house a fresh look. It is important to choose colors and combinations that fit the style of your home. It’s good if they are weather resistant and last for many years. Here are some best exterior paint colors for small houses:

  1. Green – These calm colors will blend well in any climate.
  2. Reds – Adds warmth to almost any home without feeling overpowering or too flashy.
  3. Blue – Cool and soothing, these are the perfect choice for the French or Spanish design
  4. Purple – A splash of color with a calming effect.
  5. Orange – Another bold color that works especially well in tropical areas. This is also the most popular color for earthy exteriors
  6. Yellow – Bright and cheerful, orange helps make small homes look bigger
  7. Grey – This color will work for any small house; it also has a calming effect
  8. Brown – A warm neutral with a hint of earthiness, it’s perfect for a contemporary or Old World design
  9. White – White is the obvious choice for homes near the beach or in snowy areas.
  10. Off-white – This pale tone also works well in beach areas. This is the right choice for you if you want to exude a casual vibe.
  11. Light Blue – Perfect for coastal areas, this color will freshen any house.
  12. Light Yellow – This is another color that will make your home look bigger. It’s also best for a contemporary design.


As you can see, plenty of beautiful exterior paints can be used on small houses. Sometimes it is best to leave your house’s exterior natural. Because additional features such as brick patterns have different vibes, some of the best exterior paint combinations for small houses carry accents of other colors. Some of them are lavender or blue for a subdued and soothing look.

Small houses look different from large ones. They have smaller windows and interior spaces. But it does not mean you cannot use paint color combinations that would look stunning on a large house.
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