Online TEFL Certification Courses is Best?

If you want to teach English overseas but have no prior experience, TEFL certification to stand out from the competition. To take TESOL or TEFL certification classes, there are two primary options: online or onsite programs. Continue reading to find out which is ideal for you.

TEFL Certification

Most online TEFL certification courses cost between $300 and $500, involve 40 hours of teaching, and may be completed from any place (on your computer). Even though it can seem like the quickest and easiest choice, many of the better institutions and organizations that provide programs for English teachers abroad will not accept online TEFL/TESOL certifications because they are insufficiently thorough and do not contain teaching experience.

Because your classmates and teachers keep you more engaged and motivated, onsite TESOL/TEFL certification courses are regarded to be more effective. The majority of employing schools look for onsite courses that contain at least 120 hours of instruction and substantial hands-on teaching experience. The majority of onsite programs cost between $2,000 and $3,000 and frequently include lodging and aid with finding a job. However, the higher upfront cost is more than compensated for over time.

Students who enroll in onsite TESOL/TEFL certification courses are instructed by highly qualified teachers who teach EFL techniques, how to create a strong lesson plan, and how to deal with difficulties that are unique to language training. Before teaching actual students in classrooms, you will practice your EFL lesson in front of your peers. Your teachers will be a valuable source of knowledge and practical experience, and the connections you make with your classmates will be very helpful both during the learning process and later on when you are working as an English teacher abroad in a foreign country.

Ideally, you should enroll in your TESOL/TEFL certification program in the nation where you intend to teach English. Native language and culture instruction is frequently included in the training, and it is this cultural training that will pay off greatly once you start working in your real-life position. The teachers and the contacts they may use to help you get a job in a foreign location are the best aspects of onsite teaching. Additionally, your institution has a lot more connections in the community than an overseas training center would. While you are pursuing your TESOL/TEFL certification abroad, there may even be local career fairs or opportunities for introductions to possible companies.

Always Be Happy and Have Fun Teaching

whenever you are teaching English online, smile. Your voice will convey how you feel about teaching English as a second language online, even if your student cannot see you. Don’t allow anxiety to rule your actions. Speak loudly, clearly, and slowly. Your pupil must comprehend everything you say. Keep in mind that your student may be participating in this form of schooling for the first time. If you make a good impact on your students right away, you’ll realize that instructing English as a Second Language (ESL) classes is not that challenging.

Establish the Rules as Soon as You Can

Tell your students the guidelines they must adhere to when learning English with you online. Again, since you and your pupils don’t agree on everything, highlight how crucial it is for them to pay attention at all times. Once the learning process starts, make sure you have their complete attention. Find entertaining and engaging learning techniques. Always keep in mind that every student has a different personality, so prepare yourself for a variety of fun approaches to teaching ESL classes.

Single-step Approach

For both novice and seasoned online teachers, it is a caution to proceed cautiously. Avoid placing undue pressure on yourself by delivering lessons that may be too complex for both you and your students to comprehend. Focus on the fundamentals. For your students to know what to expect from you, their teacher, and the online course, it would also be great if you thoroughly explained the course to them.

With the widespread usage of the Internet, finding jobs that need English proficiency is no longer all that tough. The number of people from other countries who go to great lengths to acquire the language is growing every day. It takes learning to become a TEFL teacher. The encounter is made truly meaningful since students can sense the instructor’s level of effort and attention.


Application for TEFL certification programs is typically done online and is relatively straightforward. High school graduation and the ability to speak English fluently are the basic prerequisites for the majority of courses, but some may demand a college degree to land a paying position instructing English abroad. To give yourself enough time to take care of all travel arrangements, visa processing, etc., it is preferable to apply for the program four to six months before you want to depart. Although adjustments can sometimes be made in as little as six weeks, you don’t want to take the chance that the class you want will become full.