How To Get High Risk Car Insurance In Toronto

Some drivers in Toronto have more tickets and accidents than average. If they have too much, their car insurance company might decline to insure them. What happens is that, at renewal, they get a non-renewal letter which states that their policy will lapse.
This comes to quote a shock to some drivers… My insurance company is no longer willing to insure me? WHAT?!?! Don’t take it personally; non-renewals are not subjective and they are normal. You can still get insurance elsewhere, with a high risk car insurance company.

Non-Renewals Are Normal

Regular insurance companies in Toronto like, say Aviva or Belair, have specific underwriting rules that qualify drivers. For example, a particular underwriting rule might say that they will decline any driver that has 3 or more minor tickets in the last 3 years or any driver that has 2 or more at-fault accidents in 6 years. If a driver surpasses any of these totals, they will be declined and the renewal will be cancelled. They also have combination declination rules, like for example, if a driver has 2 minor tickets in the last 3 years and 1 at-fault accident in the last 6 years.
These rules ore very specific and not subjective, so don’t take it personally. Any driver that hits a declination rule will be considered high risk by that insurance company.

Call A High Risk Insurance Broker

So what do high risk drivers in Toronto do, then, when they’re declined by their insurance company? They call a high risk insurance Toronto broker.
A high risk insurance broker in Toronto can insure drivers that have multiple tickets, including serious convictions like DUI and Careless Driving, multiple accidents, and policy non-payment cancellations. They can insure with one of the many high risk insurance companies in Ontario, like Jevco and Echelon, for example. The high risk insurance companies offer the same coverages as any of the other insurance companes, so you won’t be missing out on anything. If you have a claim, you’ll be covered just the same as you would with Aviva or Belair.

How Are The Rates For High Risk Drivers?

Don’t get nervous if your car insurance company cancels your renewal because they consider you to be a high risk driver. This does not mean that your rates will skyrocket. In fact, if you’re older than 25 and have been licensed to drive for at least 6 years, the rates for high risk car insurance in Toronto are still decent. Call a broker for a quote.
When you call for a quote, a high risk insurance broker will need to know what type of car or truck you drive, what type of coverage you want (eg. do you want to include collision and comprehensive coverage?), your Toronto postal code, the number of convictions that you have in the last 3 years, including minor and major convictions, your license dates, and date of birth. Get a quote; it’s easy.