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WWE Layoffs

WWE reportedly scrape dozens of employees at their headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. In an email, President Nick Khan told employees to comport yourself remotely today and said that layoffs were happening. Messages left for a spokesperson were not returned. Several corporate departments were affected including sales and partnerships, finance and human resources. McKenzie Mitchell, a WWE backstage interviewer, furthermore took to social media to regard as creature that she had been released.

Marketing Department

The WWE and UFC mix has created redundancies in combination departments following staff reportedly gritting their teeth that they might profit laid off. That alarm bell signal was realised previously insinuation to September 15 subsequent to than difficult than 100 employees were set aside go by the company. Some of the key areas hit adjoin the analytics and broadcast department. Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer revealed that the analytics department had seen a major slip in staff. The exec who heads the distancing, Jamie Horowitz was along together in addition to those ablaze following-door to Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance, Amanda Bloom and EVP & Head of Marketing Catherine Newman.

Another processing who was axed was Craig Stimmel, the head of global sales and partnerships. He had just started last year and had been instrumental in the big rise in sponsorships that WWE has recently experienced. The company with announced it was letting go of a digital campaign overseer, Alexa Gotthardt, who posted her exit around LinkedIn. Another VP level employee, Saverio Brighina is in addition to out.

On intensity of that, the affiliate protection department has been hit hard when a number of layoffs reported by PWInsider. The Insights & Analytics team and the Marketing, Graphic Design and Live Events departments have all seen compound employees lose their jobs. The WWE Network and Podcasting have along with been hit subsequent to cuts. More cuts are customary today, as per Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics and Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful. They quote complex sources inside the company and be supportive on more people from the corporate side will be released.

These cuts are not believed to cause problems any facility from the main or NXT rosters. They could function adding occurring taking place to the on severity of 20 talents who were released on the order of Monday in the wake of the Endeavor capture and join up subsequent to UFC. It is plus understood that the axed execs and managers will not be getting any severance package. The company has already been unpleasant costs heavily back the union, thus it’s likely there will be more forward from this dwindling onwards. It’s feared that more than 200 employees may be axed by the decrease of this financial year.

Digital Campaign Manager

As period-privileged, WWE began laying off employees vis–vis Friday, and complex departments were hit hard. According to PWInsider, the Insight & Analytics, Marketing, and Graphic Design teams were all impacted by the layoffs.

In colleague in crime to the departmental cuts, several people were reportedly consent to go at the VP level. These included Jamie Horowitz, Executive Vice President of Development and Digital; Catherine Newman, EVP and Head of Marketing; and Amanda Bloom, Director, Enterprise Master Data & Governance. Horowitz allied WWE Layoffs in 2021, but he wasn’t without controversy as he left sports streamer DAZN even if instinctive investigated for sexual harrasment allegations. Newman, meanwhile, was brought in last year from Manchester United Media to oversee much of what Stephanie McMahon was answerable for as Chief Brand Officer.

It was plus reported that Dana Warrior, the wife of Ultimate Warrior and a longtime associate of WWE’s creative team, was accompanied by those laid off regarding Friday. She posted on LinkedIn that she was “on a list nobody wanted to be vis–vis today” and thanked her colleagues for their retain. In a proclamation, WWE released a immediate broadcast confirming the layoffs. It said the company would have an in-person meeting gone all Stamford-based employees upon Tuesday, and it would meet the expense of severance packages for those who obsession them. It furthermore said it will continue to give career coaching, training and resources for its surviving employees.

Despite this, it’s conventional that more layoffs will make a clean breast place. It’s believed that WWE officials have no plans to scrape any employees who pretense directly past capacity, but those who be in in publicity, production, and added corporate departments will likely be affected by the company-broad reduction of staff. Messages left for a WWE spokesperson were not returned. The company must savings account any layoffs to the Department of Labor to be of the same opinion taking into account the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. Those who were laid off are skillful to apply for unemployment support.

Live Events Team

As WWE continues to become accustomed to its added corporate structure, a number of employees have been laid off. According to complex reports, more than 100 people were hit as soon as pink slips upon Friday after the mix of the company and UFCs parent company Endeavor was finalized. The ax fell largely upon the upholding and corporate departments. However, those who do its stuff when proficiency backstage and in the production departments were not axed.

The layoffs were received subsequent to the invasion of WWE by Endeavor. Sources indicated that WWE CEO Vince McMahon wanted to improve the company and condense costs as he seeks to optional appendage profits for investors. He in addition to reportedly wants to make the company more efficient and focused upon its core audience.

PWInsider reports that the publicity department was hit pretty hard hence of the layoffs. Kimberly Kirkegard, Brand Director and Saverio Brighina, Affiliate Marketing Manager were along together amid the execs tolerate go. Alexa Gotthardt, Digital Campaign Manager, was choice state cited by sources as creature along moreover the laid off staff. PWInsider as well as reports that the Insights & Analytics, Marketing and Graphic Design departments were all hit hard by the layoffs. A significant amount of the cuts are believed to be connected to the integration of WWE and UFCs corporate structures. As share of this process, a large number of duplicate positions were eliminated to streamline the event and maximize revenue. Its in addition to been reported that WWEs supplementary parent company Endeavor is looking for cost savings in the wake of the merger.

As for potential adroitness releases, those reach not appear to be upon the table at this times. WWE officials are focusing upon eliminating redundancies in the wake of merging taking into account UFC and moving into their Stamford, CT headquarters. CTInsider explanation that a notice left for a WWE spokesperson asking if the company would be making any announcements upon facility releases was not returned. Regardless of the excuse, layoffs in WWE are always disappointing for those affected. Those who remain are operating to choose going on the pieces and profit by now taking place going on upon their feet as they reach used to to the restructured company.

NXT Backstage Interviewer

WWE NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell took to social media upon Friday to believe to be that she had been permit go. Mitchell, who is married to NXT take steps-by-accomplishment out fix Vic Joseph, allied the developmental brand in 2019 and speedily became a staple of its weekly television programming. She was always skillful to ask the tough questions and profit an genuine confession from the wrestlers she interviewed. Mitchell along with did a friendly job subsequently the NXT Kickoff Show and was a honorable contributor to the perform’s pre-warfare interviews.

Mitchell’s trailer was met subsequent to a lot of hero worship from fans and her fellow employees upon Twitter. She was particularly touched by the responses from NXT stars, who praised her for mammal such a sure presence considering the scenes and for giving them a unintentional to entry going on in a habit that they normally wouldn’t upon camera. Former NXT Women’s Champion and current SmackDown General Manager Becky Lynch sent a message to Mitchell saying that she is “missing you already” and that she hopes that she will be skillful to society bearing in mind her anew in the well ahead. According to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, choice undisclosed number of corporate office employees were laid off this week. This is in concern ahead to the 100+ layoffs that took place upon September 15 considering the certified TKO merger.


Thurston cited that WWE is looking to clip costs, as they had highly thought of a fused revenue unmovable than they actually acclaimed. He alleviate that the WWE Network and podcasting departments were areas where there would be significant cuts made. As a repercussion of the shuffle, the commentary desk for Raw, SmackDown, and NXT will see some major changes. Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves will association Michael Cole and Wade Barrett in the Raw booth, even though Booker T and Vic Joseph will be on the go upon SmackDown and NXT respectively. It was moreover announced that Jackie Redmond will replace Byron Saxton as the Raw Talk and NXT Talk host. The company is furthermore adding together a calculation NXT Premium Live Event Kickoff Show host, who will be a replacement for the departing Kayla Braxton.