What You Need To Know About Exante Broker

When you want to know everything you can about the founder of an online brokerage firm, you might be curious about how Alexey Kirienko at Exante Broker got his start. In 2010, he was given the task of developing trading software for himself and other market participants. After completing his work, he began to think about how to monetize his creations. In the summer of 2011, he and his partners decided to start their brokerage business. The first step was to register the company in Malta. In 2012, they received the MFSA license. In 2013, they obtained licences in Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Malta.

Expert In The Global Financial Markets And Derivatives Trading

After spending several years studying and applying mathematics to trading, Alexey Kirienko decided to venture into global derivatives trading. In 2003, he met Gatis Eglitis, a fellow trader, and the two decided to form their own brokerage firm. Ultimately, they joined forces and created Exante, which is the world’s largest independent brokerage firm. With this business in place, Alexey Kirienko has been able to expand his company into several markets around the world and is one of the most respected and successful people in the industry.

Alexey Kirienko, the CEO of Exante Broker, is a notable expert in the global financial markets and derivatives trading. His experience has helped him develop the firm’s trading platform, Exante Broker. He also has a keen eye for fintech startups and uses this to spot the company’s promising early on. In this way, Exante Broker is set to revolutionize the way investors do financial trading and enables them to maximize their profits. Here is the more information about Alexey Kirienko

While Alexey Kirienko is the founder of EXANTE, he has extensive experience in the derivatives industry as a hedge fund specialist. While in school, his interest in statistics and probability theories began to blossom. During his second or third year, Alexey Kirienko made his first investments.

Extensive Experience In The Derivatives Industry

Despite a modest start, Exante quickly draws customers and has received more than 30 awards in the financial industry. Alexei was the main architect of the company’s current operational model. He thought that it would be the best thing for the company to connect traders, investors, and exchanges. He forged strong relationships with these groups and was able to attract large numbers of new clients in an instant.

Knowledge Of Global Financial Markets And A Broad Outlook

Gatis has deep knowledge of global financial markets and a broad outlook, both of which have helped turn Exante into a global service that connects investors with stock exchanges in multiple countries. His experience with complex financial instruments has allowed him to connect with experienced investors from different countries, which has opened up his eyes to gaps in many investment platforms. With a team of experts at his side, Gatis can guide investors through the often complex and confusing financial markets.

In 2016, Eglitis was named managing partner of Exante’s subsidiary, EXT ltd Malta. Eglitis oversaw the company’s strategies and business development. Eglitis and his team helped make the company the first in the Mediterranean to provide global financial structures to traders, while incorporating local professionals. Today, Exante has become a global trading platform, combining traditional and non-traditional traders. For extra information visit here

Extensive Experience In Complex Financial Instruments

Gatis Eglitis, a founding member of Exante Broker, has extensive experience in complex financial instruments. Eglitis also has connections with sophisticated investors from around the world. Eglitis helped build the first online platforms to invest in futures, statistical equity arbitrage strategies, and credit derivatives. His experience in investing with large institutions allowed him to create a successful strategy, and he learned how to deal with large sums of money. He incorporated information from other bank traders and other investors. The competition among institutionalists also helped him identify weak players.

The company has a global presence, with eleven offices in Europe and Asia. Its activity is regulated by Malta, Cyprus, and the UK. Its registration in Hong Kong also allows it to conduct business in Asia.

Wrapping Up 

Gatis Eglitis’ background is as broad as his business acumen. In 2011, he helped the Maltese stock market realize its full potential. The company is the only company that allows Maltese traders to access global markets from within the Maltese territory. In short, Exante Broker was founded by a professional trader for other professionals. Its services allow funds to conduct global trading online and announce their strategies to their clientele.