What Causes Twin Flame Conflict?

Everyone has a Twin Flame because they represent their anima or animus and could be their ideal mate. This relationship is intense and requires special consideration, especially in the beginning. According to the great psychologist Carl Jung, every person has a mental image of their ideal relationship. According to the Twin Flame phenomena, your other half may be born at the exact moment as you in the flesh, proving that the anima and animus are more than simply a psychic image. Even though both twin flame love and twin flame relationships have unique benefits, they are not the same. If you have met your actual Twin Soul, your life will parallel one another like identical twins, with astounding synchronicities.

Ideal Partner

So the question still stands: if one’s Twin Flame is their ideal partner, then why do we have such difficulty connecting with them? Why are there so many disagreements and breakups so frequently? It is crucial to realize that your Twin Soul acts as a spiritual mirror to your repressed personality before you can comprehend the cause of these difficulties. Meeting your dark side is the key to finding your twin flame love.

They make it clear to you what you should work on in yourself. This realization is not lovely. Any issues you see in the connection are not the fault of your Twin; instead, they are only the catalyst for your spiritual development. A rare opportunity to experience “real love,” for which few of us are ready, is meeting your other half.

The ability to love someone unconditionally without holding any expectations for them is true love. The Twin Flame union is meant to show absolute love. It’s impossible to love another person wholeheartedly without first learning to love oneself, you finally realize after meeting your Twin. You’ll have difficulty connecting with your Twin if you live your life primarily out of ego, fear, or a need to control people stemming from a feeling of inadequacy.

Conscious Awareness

The traits you find objectionable and have repressed from conscious awareness are present in your shadow side. By projecting ourselves onto another person, we rediscover these qualities of ourselves. Any relationship can relate to this. It’s likely that we have run into our dark side when we respond to someone’s behavior with great emotion. This projection enables us to recognize the same feature in ourselves that we have suppressed.

An angry or fearful reaction to your Twin makes things more difficult. It is far simpler to point the finger at someone else than it is to examine oneself. We often idealize our partners, expect them to grant our requests, and realize our fantasies. They aren’t always seen as distinct human beings by us. Meeting your twin flame love will force you to examine the depths of your soul and provide you with an opportunity to become more self-aware.

My experience with traditional therapists has been unsatisfactory. Most contemporary psychologists lack a basic comprehension of the Twin Soul phenomena. It is a broken and little-known relationship. Many people doubt whether such an experience is truly authentic. Carl Jung was the closest to accurately describing and recognizing the psychic energies at work and how they emerge. A real Twin Flame who has undergone the challenging transformational process and has come out with a far more robust sense of self-awareness and understanding is your finest resource if you require personal instruction.

Polarity Characteristics

When twins come into contact, the polarity characteristics act as a strong magnet, attracting you both and potentially repelling you. Both emotionally and physically, the relationship may be obsessive. It’s normal to think about this individual constantly; because of their psychic link, they may go through similar events simultaneously. Identical twins and twin flames have remarkably parallel lives. Even if you split up in a fury, you will eventually experience regret and desire to get back together in peace later. Giving up on your Twin is like giving up on yourself.

The difficulties are exacerbated if one of the Twin Souls is married because all relationships must be respected, and feelings must be kept in the open. The behavior must be available and of the utmost integrity for everyone involved. A Twin Flame will suffer severely at their own hands if they behave abusively. Building trust requires time, which is a need. Keep in mind that, in essence, you are also hurting a part of yourself when you attack your Twin.

This peculiar relationship can push them apart over and over with emotional intensity and anger. After they have calmed down and considered what transpired, they must attempt to handle the issue on their terms, necessitating individual self-development. Breakups are so common because of this. A near-death experience for one of the Twins after meeting their other half is also not uncommon. There is a critical requirement for self-love, self-acceptance, and patience if the partnership is to succeed.

Final Word

Without knowledgeable direction, this start-and-stop cycle could go on forever. The powerful attraction drives them back together again and again, perhaps with more realistic expectations of each other. It is yet another chance to hash out their disagreements and grow spiritually. The relationship can advance more quickly if they learn to surrender and seek divine protection, but few people take this step. In this generation, twin flames were created to raise the Earth’s vibration of love. Moving forward requires complete acknowledgment and forgiveness of every wrongdoing.