Understanding how recruitment CRM can impact better recruiting

If you’re a recruiter who uses recruitment software every day at work, then you will probably not be able to imagine your workday without the recruitment CRM system. Once this software is fully entrenched in the hiring process, it can be quite challenging for recruiters to function effectively without it.

Recruitment platform influencing agency and its recruiters

In fact, a good recruitment CRM software influences every single aspect of the recruitment system. Without it, recruiters are likely to experience many drawbacks. They can be slower and unorganised. Their candidate sourcing process might be longer and more complicated.

Thinking back to the past year where the world was struck by the global health crisis, staffing agencies had to find new ways to adapt to the situation. There was the need to keep the business alive while also continuing to serve their clients.

Remote recruiting was then quickly adopted by all the agencies. And this modern type of candidate hiring and placement would not have been possible without the big presence of AI-enabled recruitment software.

Leveraging the software for better recruiting

Technology has a tremendous role to play in the modern workplace. Thus, like any other piece of tech system, the big three advantages brought about by the modern recruitment agency software are as follows-

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Timesaving

Recruitment is extremely competitive. This is because the best candidates are easily snapped up by the competition. Employers want the best-qualified and most well-suited applicants in their company. Recruiters are vying for skilled candidates who are in the jobs market for 10 days on average. And being quick, efficient and productive can be the difference between getting that talent or seeing that candidate being enticed away by the rival.

Proactive recruiters use the power of their agency’s recruitment software system to source top talents, keep the candidates engaged throughout the hiring process.

Mundane and repetitive admin tasks are the greatest challenge for many recruiters as it takes away a huge chunk of their time and energy. But those who use the CRM system are fortunate to do away with this obstacle. Instead, they become more efficient and productive.

The software also helps keep all the important data well organised and easily accessible. This boosts efficiency and prevents misplacement of vital documents. Team collaboration is a topic to be wary of when it comes to remote working but with the support of CRM software, even that becomes a non-issue. So, from helping digitally source applicants to interviewing and skills testing candidates to ensure a good match, the modern AI-enabled recruitment platform can do everything.

Finally……making the smart choice in recruitment software

Now before staffing agencies go out on a buying expedition, there are critical things to note and apply. Buying the best recruitment software for your agency is not easy. Nor is it a simple process.

However, following these key steps can make the entire process much easier.

  • Remember, not every popular CRM tool is going to be right for everyone.
  • Do meticulous research – scour the internet, talk to industry peers, read reviews.
  • Always begin by understanding the agency’s main challenges.
  • Book demos. They are usually free. Ask all the questions. Clear the doubts.
  • Do not get swept away by fancy features. Make sure these are useful to the agency.
  • Functionality is key. If recruiters find the recruitment CRM complicated to use, then it is practically useless.
  • Never underestimate a prospective supplier’s quality of customer service.

Buying recruitment CRM is an investment. But it is a very worthy purchase as those who utilise it already know. So, it is highly important to make the smart and right choice. Finding one that makes the hiring work easier, simpler and better is the goal.