Tips For Cleaning Tree Roots Out Of Your Drain Pipe

Your home’s plumbing system may suffer severe damage from tree roots in your drain, resulting in blockages, backups, and expensive repairs. Although removing tree roots from your drain pipe might seem impossible, it is doable with the appropriate equipment and methods. This post will review a few efficient techniques for getting tree roots out of drain pipes.
1.Determine The Issue At Hand.

Finding the trouble spot is the first step in removing tree roots from your drain line. A blockage or backup may show up as sluggish sink or toilet emptying, gurgling sounds, or unpleasant drain aromas. After locating the issue, you may start determining the amount of the obstruction.

2.Implement A Plumbing Snake.

A plumbing snake is one of the best instruments for removing tree roots from drain pipes. A long, flexible instrument called a plumbing snake may be placed into your drain line to dislodge and remove clogs. Just place the snake’s tip into your drain and spin the handle to drive it into the pipe to utilize a plumbing snake. When you get to the blockage, turn the handle in the other way to remove it.

3.Employ A Hydro Jet

Using a hydro jet is another efficient approach to removing tree roots in your drain. To clear your drain line of tree roots and other obstacles, use a hydro jet, a high-pressure water jet. Just place the nozzle of a hydro jet into your drain and turn on the water to utilize it. Any clogs in your pipe will be broken apart and flushed away by the high-pressure water.

4.Drain Cleaners With Chemicals.

Although they can be useful in removing tree roots from your drain pipe, chemical drain cleaners should only be used with caution. Chemical drain cleaners include potent chemicals that can harm the environment and your pipes. Use safety equipment, such as gloves and goggles, and carefully follow the directions if you decide to use a chemical drain cleaning.
5.Contact A Licensed Plumber

It might be necessary to hire a licensed plumber if the techniques above fail to remove tree roots from your drain line. A qualified plumber has the knowledge and tools to efficiently remove tree roots from your drain pipe without harming your plumbing system.

How To Stop Tree Roots From Obstructing Your Drain Pipe

Prevention is always preferable to treatment when it comes to blockages and backups brought on by tree roots. The following actions may be taken to stop tree roots in your drain:

1.Avoid Planting Trees Close To Sewage Lines

Be sure trees are planted only a short distance from your sewage line if you place them in your yard. If trees are placed too closely together, their roots can readily encroach into your sewage line since they can grow deep and wide.

2.Recurrent Upkeep

Tree roots obstructing your drain pipe may be avoided with regular plumbing system repair. Schedule routine inspections and cleanings to maintain the best possible condition for your plumbing system.

3.Implement A Root Barrier.

A root barrier can be built around the pipe to stop tree roots from creeping into your sewage line. A root barrier is constructed from metal or concrete that tree roots cannot penetrate.

4.Apply Root Killer.

A chemical called root killer can eliminate tree roots that have gotten into your sewage line. Typically, root killer is put down your toilet or drain, where it travels through your plumbing system and kills any tree roots that get in the way.


Removing tree roots from drain pipes might be difficult, but avoiding costly plumbing system damage is necessary. To remove tree roots from your drain pipe, use the techniques mentioned above, and take action to