The Your Phone Companion Application for Windows

You may link your Windows and Android devices using your phone. Everything a casual user could need, such as the ability to manage printers or reply to system texts, is already present. You can manage all of your mobile apps from your computer by using www aka ms yourpc, which we’ll go over in more detail later on in this tutorial. You can access all of your messages, alerts, galleries, and other apps from your Windows PC by using just one software, the Windows Phone App.

What You Need for a Windows Computer to Connect to Your Phone
Don’t worry about the hardware in your phone. You require more than just the Android app to begin connected.

To sync Windows apps with Android devices, you require the Your Phone Companion software. Don’t worry if your Android doesn’t have this app; just use instead. When you click this, the official app page for Your Phone Attendant in the Google Play Store will open.
Whether using Wi-Fi or the internet, both devices require a strong and quick network connection.
Get the Windows version of the Your Phone app.
Bluetooth communication is necessary for both your Android device and, to a lesser extent, your PC.
You will need to wait while purchasing a Bluetooth adaptor or something equivalent if your computer does not already have Bluetooth.
How To Link An Android Device To Your PC/
Your smartphone app is unreliable and has the bothersome tendency to cut off your connection just as you start to rely on it. Microsoft will, however, update it later. In the interim, use these instructions to connect your Android phone to a Windows computer.

Visit to link the Windows app on your phone to the Your Phone Companion app after downloading it from the App Store.
Use the same Microsoft account you used to access your computer to log into the software next. We cannot proceed unless you are currently logged into the account on your computer.
A QR code will then show on your screen, which you must scan.
To view the PC QR code, open a computer browser and scan the code at
The website will direct you to open my phone companion app if it is already installed on your device. The app will open when you choose “Open Your Phone,” and a QR code will show up on your screen.
Then, scan the QR code with your Android device.
Grant the required permission and adhere to the on-screen instructions.
After doing that, the two devices will be linked, and you may begin enjoying the benefits.
Connecting Your Mobile App to Your Windows Computer
You can link your phone application to your Windows PC in the simplest way possible by following the steps below.

You can get the Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store if you have a Windows computer.
Find the taskbar’s application search option, type “Your Phone app,” and select the result.
You’ll be prompted to select the type of mobile device in this step.
Sign in using your Microsoft account, which must be the same one you use to access the service on your phone, after that.
On your Android phone, install Your Phone Companion. Use your phone’s internet browser to go to to do this. You can always find the app in the Google Play store if this link isn’t working for you.
Use the same Microsoft account that you used to log into your computer to then log into the complimentary app. After that, a QR code scanning interface will appear on the phone.
Choose the following menu option while using a computer:

You would need to use your smartphone to scan the QR code if you chose the “I have the Your Phone Companion app loaded on my phone” option.
“Pair using QR code” and “Pair manually” are options. When you choose this option, a code that needs to be entered on your mobile device will appear.
After the devices have successfully connected, you must provide the permissions that are requested on your screen in order to fully utilize the phone companion program.
Here’s how to connect your Android handset to your Windows computer using That is the issue that has been driving a lot of people insane. The companion app on my phone is fantastic for straightforward syncing, but it has some limitations. If you have any further questions or issues, please feel free to post a comment, and we’ll try our best to respond.