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The QR codes have become popular during the pandemic

The QR codes have become popular during the pandemic. We all used them in restaurants to get a contact free digital menu.

But it sounds they will soon be replaced by a more powerful technology: Encrypted NFC.

Indeed, the QR code is a static link. One can just take a picture of the QR code to access the link and order from anywhere. As a result, self-ordering via QR requires payment in advance to avoid false orders. This deteriorates the customers’ experience; For instance, as customers should pay in advance, they won’t be able any more to split the bill at the end. has created a solution that will certainly be used everywhere in the hospitality business. Sittap has created the encrypted NFC or NFCT (NFC Token) as a secure way to order without any payment in advance.

This NFCT is a proof of presence that guarantee that the orders are sent from real customer who are physically inside the restaurant.

This new technology will therefore give restaurants’ customers the possibility of ordering and paying themselves in an agreeable user experience and without running the risk of receiving false orders. For instance, customers will be able to pay, tip and split the bill at the end.

What is Encrypted NFC?

Encrypted NFC is a new technology that allows devices to securely share data without the need for a password or other authentication. Encrypted NFC uses encryption algorithms and Unique Device Identifiers (UDID) to create a secure connection between two devices.

How can it be used by hospitality businesses?

There is a huge staffing crisis everywhere in the world and hospitality businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to take advantage of digital transformation and new technologies without deteriorating their customers’ experience. sounds like a very good option for restaurants as it reduces significantly the need of waiters while improving the customer experience by reducing the issues related to ordering delays and errors.

How Does Encrypted NFC Work?

Encrypted NFC works by using a private key to encrypt the data being sent between devices. The private key is then encrypted with the recipient’s public key, which creates an encrypted message that can only be decrypted with the recipient’s private key. Once the encrypted message is received, the private key is used to decrypt it and access the data. This ensures that no one else can access the data except for those who have both the sender’s and recipient’s private keys.

Why Encrypted NFC is the best solution for restaurants?

Here are few reasons why we believe sittap innovation will be used everywhere:

The NFC has become part of our day-to-day life, and its use is very user friendly. All what the user needs to open the link is to put his smart phone near the NFC tag.

The customer’s restaurant experience won’t change. If they don’t have time to wait for the waiter, they can tap on the NFC and order (many times if they wish) without paying in advance. They can pay at the end or split the bill as they are used to do.

There is no risk of fake orders for restaurants, as the encrypted NFC is a proof of presence.