The Most Important Things You Should Know About Events in Los Angeles

You can learn about all kinds of Los Angeles events, from the upcoming concerts and festivals to the most upcoming film festivals. Also, we’ll cover how to purchase tickets and other important details. Keep reading to learn more! Until next time, Happy Summer! And keep checking back for the latest events in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for something to do this summer, you should consider checking out the LA event calendar. This calendar includes everything from outdoor movies to music festivals to free concerts. You can also check out the dates of events in Los Angeles throughout the year by visiting the website.


If you’re looking for a venue to hold your next Big On Los Angeles event, you’ve come to the right place. Disneyland has several venues available to host your next event. From a classic theater to a spectacular boardroom, Los Angeles offers a variety of options for your next¬†events in los angeles. Many venues are fully equipped for your next Big On Los Angeles event, including catering, audiovisual, and support staff.


Big On Los Angeles’ site is a great source for finding local events. Not only will you find out about concerts, theater performances, and special events, but you can also find out about featured artists. These artists include Aiseborn, Eric Almanza, Kristina Ambriz, Jazmine Atienza, and Christen Austin.

If you’re going on a trip to Los Angeles, there are a lot of things you should know about the area’s events. There’s so much to do! From theme parks to water sports, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied. Even if you don’t have time to go to every single event, you can find cool things to do every weekend. Here’s a list of events you should be sure to check out:

Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Los Angeles Museum of Jurassic Technology is a museum devoted to the exploration of Lower Jurassic technology. The exhibits are set in a dark antechamber with antique display cases, taxidermy animals, and softly lit displays. The Museum of Jurassic Technology features a European mole skeleton and a study of a Cameroonian stink ant. Exhibits are accompanied by recorded narration and extended texts by 19th-century scientists.

Visitors must arrive 15 minutes early for the scheduled appointment and show confirmation email. After the tour, visitors are asked to partake in tea for one hour. The tea room is located on the second floor, and you will also find the Borzoi Kabinet Theater. Cell phones and photography are not allowed inside the museum. There are also no special events at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, so make sure to plan ahead!

LA Dodgers game

Before you buy your ticket to an LA Dodgers game, you should know where to get to the stadium. If you’re coming from the South Bay, the nearest train station is Union Station. From there, you can take a Metrolink subway line or a LAX shuttle to Dodger Stadium. You can also take an Uber to the stadium. You can also take the Dodger Stadium Express to the game.

One of the most important things to know about an LA Dodgers game is the team’s rotation. As the team’s rotation continues to rely on a few healthy arms, the Dodgers will need more. Walker Buehler’s elbow injury is a concern, and their bullpen is banged up. This could become a major concern come October. The Dodgers’ bullpen is already struggling to keep up with the sluggers, so the Dodgers’ starting rotation is already depleted.

Grand Central Market

When you plan a visit to Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, you should know that it was a marketplace that was once filled with immigrant food vendors. Thankfully, that has changed. Today, the market has a broader appeal, with more than just immigrant foods. The market is a hub for local culture and the arts, and you can experience a wide variety of different things here.

The Grand Central Market is famous for its fresh food, and more than 50 stalls offer everything from California produce to exotic seafood. Since its opening in 1917, this market has been a bustling hub of activity and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Grab an ice cream and chat with new people. You’ll have a great time. Alternatively, grab a snack and visit a local cafe.