The best custom tents reference guide

  1. What varieties of custom tents are available?

When it comes to trade shows and other marketing initiatives, leaving a lasting brand impression is crucial. One of the most popular and striking events displays available, custom tents are available in a variety of shapes to meet the various needs of various businesses.

  • Custom pop-up tents: a steel or aluminium frame supports the fabric top of these square and rectangular custom pop-up canopies. Custom pop-up tents frequently have 10’x10′, 10’x15′, or 10’x20′ footprints.
  • Individual inflatable dome tents contrasted with the sea of uniquely designed pop-up tents, inflatable tents are much more visually appealing and, on occasion, easier to transport and erect than tents made of metal.
  • Themed star-shaped tents: these specialised canopy tents can be recognised by their distinctive form and have a trickier setup and appearance. Star-shaped unique canopies are the best option for large-scale event settings where smaller structures won’t do.

Traditional pop-up tents are the most common type; they are available in a wide range of quality, sturdiness, and materials. Despite being the standard option for many businesses, a 10×10 or even a 10×20 classic pop-up tent may not always be the best choice.

  1. Instructions for producing tents with custom prints

After deciding on a tent type, the design must be chosen. Depending on the custom tent manufacturer you choose, there are many methods for achieving this.

Make the tent using the templates you downloaded.

You may acquire digital print templates from several printing firms so you can make your own design using programmes like adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop. The design could be available for emailing either together with the order or after it has been finished.

This is a fantastic solution for design-savvy clients who want more control over their tent’s look and to make sure that it maintains continuity with the rest of the corporate identity.

Let the printer handle the design setup.

The artwork will be handled by other vendors instead; all you need to do is give them your logo and some guidelines for how you want the tent to look, and they’ll design something and get it back to you for approval before printing!

This process could take longer than diy depending on your skill level with digital art tools and the intricacy of the design you’re looking for. Some companies may also charge you additional set-up fees for the artwork if you pick this technique.

In any case, mvp is happy to provide both options with no setup fees and cost-free digital proofs.

Additional crucial suggestions for designing a unique tent

When shopping for custom tents for events, the degree of printing freedom you will have is an important factor to take into account.

For instance, the price of many custom canopy providers’ products depends on certain design components like colour or artwork placement. This might significantly raise the cost and make finding a unique tent difficult and bothersome.

To prevent this, look for a provider that offers transparency and flexibility with their tent printing alternatives.

The option to print the full tent for the same price will give you the most value for your money, but if you’re looking for something simple, occasionally limited print options may be a better choice.

To ensure that your brand’s style is maintained throughout all of your marketing materials, confirm once again that your prospective supplier offers pantone colour matching.

Pantone colours are a part of a universal colour-matching system to preserve the closest consistency across a range of different media and materials, similar to paint chips when you’re painting a room in your home.

  1. Which custom pop-up tent is best?

The perfect stationary film of custom pop-up tent is the one that meets all requirements for effectively promoting your business. Pop-up canopies are available from a number of suppliers in a wide variety of styles and pricing points to suit a range of needs.

As a result, there are three crucial factors to evaluate while searching for custom pop-up tents. These components include:

  • size (the most popular sizes are 10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 20′).
  • resolute (strength and thickness of the canopy fabric)
  • the frame’s elements (often steel or aluminium)

The good news is that custom pop-up solutions are available to suit practically any need and budget.

The least expensive choice is for entry-level custom tents with a lower denier count, like 200d or 300d, and a square steel frame around, with thinner walls.

In many cases, 30mm pop-up tents are less expensive and a great place to start for companies that may not need a fully stocked tent.

These tents are perfect if you have a limited budget or just infrequently want to use your customised tent, but keep in mind that they may not last as long as some other, more robust tents on the market.

Then, many suppliers could provide a mid-level option, which often consists of a tailored tent top with a more durable tent framework but can still have a lower denier count (such as 300d or 500d). Stronger custom tent canopy frames often have hexagon-shaped legs with a larger diameter, such as.40mm, and are made of steel or even aluminium.

Because a provider often offers more extended warranties as you go up the ranks of their bespoke tent services, these mid-level models are generally the most popular choice for companies that may need to use their tent more frequently or are searching for longer protection.