The Benefits Of Using Lice Checks NYC

Lice are tiny parasites that gorge on human blood and cannot survive without hosts. They can crawl onto carpets, rugs, and furniture but won’t survive or hatch there. Lice removal companies that screen for lice and nits offer chemical-free treatments in the comfort of home. They also educate families on prevention during their appointments.

Spot Checks

Lice are more active at night, when they are most likely to lay eggs (called nits). They are the size of a sesame seed and are off-white in color. They are able to move quickly to avoid detection. They cannot survive without a host for more than 48 hours. A quick at-home screening with a Lice Removal NYC product will help you to catch an infestation before it spreads too far. Over-the-counter products containing permethrin or pyrethrins can kill adult lice. It is important to use the right product according to instructions.

Parents should also wash hats, coats and sheets in hot water and dry them on high heat; clean or vacuum stuffed animals and toys that have been in contact with the child’s head; and check the whole family for lice. If any members of the household are found to have lice, they should be treated immediately. Then they can be re-screened and returned to school as long as there are no live lice upon re-inspection by school staff.

Classroom Checks

Lice Medic’s technicians are able to eradicate lice and their eggs (nits) quickly and efficiently. We use a FDA-cleared medical device called AirAll, which dehydrates the lice and nits with heated air. This is a safe, effective and chemical-free treatment. We provide thorough head lice screening, information on containing outbreaks and lice prevention strategies. We also offer lice removal treatments, backed by a guarantee. Treatments are available at our clinics, in your home and at participating schools, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Connecticut.

School officials don’t keep centralized data on head-lice cases and couldn’t verify whether this year is worse than other years, but representatives for several delousing companies that screen children for lice tell Gothamist that they are busier than ever. The American Academy of Pediatrics opposes school-wide screenings, saying that they haven’t been shown to reduce outbreaks and can stigmatize kids.

Home Checks

Larger Than Lice is committed to making the head lice treatment process as easy and comfortable for our clients as possible. That’s why we offer in-home screenings and treatments. Our expert lice technicians will come directly to your home and check for lice and nits. If lice are found, they’ll apply a all-natural lice and nit removal solution to kill the bugs. Next, they’ll meticulously comb out every single nit. They’ll also give you helpful tips on how to prevent future lice infestations. In-home Lice Checks NYC and treatments are convenient and cost effective, compared to sitting at a lice salon for hours. Plus, there are no travel fees or evening/weekend surcharges. This service saves families time and stress from dealing with a lice infestation.

In-Home Treatment

Our expert lice technician will first confirm the presence of lice and/or nits. If positive, she will then apply an all natural solution, the Lice Free Noggins Comb Out Spray, which works to kill any live lice. Then she will meticulously comb out the lice and nits with a nit comb. She will also look through the hair to ensure that all nits were removed as it is important to remove every last nit or the infestation will start again.

Several delousing companies that screen for head lice told Gothamist that while their business dipped during the COVID-19 pandemic because kids were socially distancing, they’re seeing a return of regular outbreaks as they prepare students to go back to school this fall. While the Department of Education doesn’t hire outside companies to do head-lice screenings, some schools do, and a number of parents told Gothamist that they’ve been given instructions by school administrators to keep their children home until they’re treated.


While kids might be tempted to avoid getting lice by using combs with plastic teeth and shampoos that are supposed to prevent them, there’s no way to completely avoid head lice. So, Gothamist spoke to delousers, experts and city officials about the tiny parasites and school policy.