The Benefits Of Using A Posture Bra Etalon

Posture Bra Etalon works to engage the muscles in the upper back. This allows you to develop better posture over time. It also improves proprioception and muscle memory. The cost of this posture correcting bra is high, but it could be worth the investment if you have been slouching all day long at work!

Adjustable Straps

Posture bras aren’t for everyone, and some TikTok users have found that they cause pain or worsen existing back problems. However, if used correctly and combined with physical activity and posture coaching, they can be an effective tool for improving posture. Postural correctors pull the shoulders back, straightening the spine and preventing unhealthy slouching. They also improve proprioception and help develop posture awareness and muscle memory over time.

Unlike many other Posture Bra Etalon, the Etalon has an adjustable array of straps that make it easy to customize support. Looser straps provide a gentler posture correction, while tightening them can help you sit up straighter as your posture improves. The bra is made of breathable fabrics and is available in a variety of sizes, making it comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The bra is also orthopedist-approved and chiropractor-loved! It is ideal for office workers, athletes, and anyone with poise-related ailments. For best results, wear the bra for a few hours a day over the course of a week to a month.


Unlike some posture braces, this one is comfortable enough to wear under most clothing. It’s also light and easy to adjust on your own. The full coverage multi panel tech design is FDA registered for posture correcting, back pain relief, and athletic recovery. It encourages neck-shoulder-upper spine alignment and helps your body develop spinal muscle memory over time. It’s great for scoliosis, mastectomy recovery, and breast surgery rehabilitation as well as women’s posture correction and overall wellness.

However, it’s important to note that while the bra is very comfortable and effective, you should still be changing up your position throughout the day and doing strength training two to three times a week to truly see posture improvements. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money on this expensive posture corrector.

Easy To Wear

The bra is very light, secure and comfortable to wear. It is a bit more crop top than bra and may feel tight initially but it’s designed to work with your upper back muscles so you can build up muscle memory for better posture over time. Forme’s patented technology improves proprioception, increases spinal and shoulder muscle memory, and creates synergized body transformation over time for posture correction, breast cancer recovery, mastectomy recovery, and back pain relief. It is FDA registered and works to help prevent or treat neck-shoulder-upper back pain, posture problems, back injuries and disorders, scoliosis, and postural alignment issues.

The $168 price tag is a bit steep but it could be worth it if you’re serious about addressing your posture and back issues. In addition to wearing this, I’d also recommend changing up your movements throughout the day and incorporating strength training into your weekly routine.


While we all spend countless hours hunched over our devices scrolling mindlessly through TikTok, this slouching can lead to serious aches and pains. While posture bras aren’t going to cure your back or shoulder issues, they can help you develop better alignment at your own pace. Our patent-pending technology improves proprioception, postural awareness, and muscle memory over time. It’s orthopedist-approved, chiropractor-loved, and adjustable to meet you where you are on your posture journey. It’s also comfortable and easy to wear.


Engineered with six adjustable straps to target upper back muscles, Etalon’s patent-pending technology enhances proprioception and posture awareness and develops spine and shoulder muscle memory over time. Orthopedist-approved and chiropractor-loved, it’s also comfortable to wear and easy to adjust on your own.