The Art Of Tranquility: Immerse Yourself In Authentic Thai Massage Experiences

Thai massage involves a lot of bending, stretching and kneading. It’s not always comfortable, and it can be painful. But it’s worth it for the amazing physical feeling that follows. In basic massage establishments, customers are often crammed into small spaces with no curtains for privacy. This doesn’t bother locals, but might make some westerners feel uncomfortable.

Getting A Massage In Thailand

If you’ve ever traveled to Thailand, you’ve probably seen pictures of blissful-looking backpackers getting a massage. The scene is usually pretty picturesque: frangipanis are tucked behind a masseuse’s ears, or pinned in her hair, and exquisite fabrics cover the beds people lie on. Whether you’re in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, there are plenty of places to get a decent Thai Massage Experiences. You can find them on Google Maps or by searching for “Thai massage,” but a good rule of thumb is to avoid any places that look sketchy.

Basic massage parlors often have a lot of beds or mats crammed into a small space, and there aren’t always curtains to give the place some privacy. They also tend to be less sanitary than other types of massage. As such, if you’re looking for a relaxing experience, it’s best to stick with places where the masseuses are wearing pyjamas and not scantily clad. Otherwise, your back will end up aching and you might start to develop a grouchy attitude about traveling in general.

Getting A Massage In Bangkok

Getting a massage in Thailand is a popular experience for visitors. It is also affordable. A good Thai massage can cost as little as 180 baht ($5 USD). However, it is important to avoid massage parlours that don’t openly display prices and make sure that you agree on a price before the session begins. During a traditional Thai massage, the practitioner uses a combination of yoga-like movements and stretching and pressure. The goal of this type of massage is to improve energy flow and help the body work better.

People who have chronic back pain may find that a regular Thai massage helps with the problem. It also can reduce stress. Those who have health problems, such as heart disease or diabetes, should check with their doctor before receiving a massage. It is important to wear loose, comfortable clothing during a massage. Some places give you a set of scrub-like garments to change into. Others don’t.

Getting A Massage In Chiang Mai

The Nimman House is a popular choice for massages in Chiang Mai. Guests enter the spa through a foliage-filled entryway and are led into relaxing, comfortable rooms with soft music and soothing lighting. Clients are provided with a set of clothes (shirt and pants) to wear, but can opt for their own clothing if preferred. Often called ‘lazy man’s yoga,’ Thai massage incorporates passive stretching to unblock energy lines, in addition to kneading and pushing with thumbs, fingers and palms. Therapists also use knees, elbows and feet – although genital areas are not touched.

A massage in Chiang Mai will not be cheap, but it is one of the most interesting experiences on offer in Thailand. There are several massage parlors in the city, including the Women’s Massage Center by Ex-Prisoners, which provides employment and skill development for female ex-inmates. The spa is affordable and has a mission that is both worthy and rewarding.

Getting A Massage In Phuket

Getting a Thai massage in Phuket is an experience in itself, to know more view massage directory. It’s similar to Yoga massage and includes stretches and acupressure. This form of massage requires the client to remain clothed and it’s performed on a mat or padded floor. Many of these massages take place on the beaches where ladies sit with mats to offer their services. Others are offered at massage parlours, boutique spas and in hotels. The prices vary depending on the type and length of massage.

Be cautious when selecting a massage therapist and make sure to ask about their experience. Also, look for businesses that openly display their prices to avoid getting ripped off. Some of these places may have a reputation for offering sexy massage services so be sure to stay away from seedy areas or questionable parlors. Moreover, always get a written quote before the massage begins. This will ensure that the therapist is aware of your expectations and limitations.

The Bottom Lines

Almost everyone has seen pictures of blissful-looking tourists getting a massage in Thailand. They usually feature frangipani flowers and a clean space to lie on. A real Thai massage, however, is often quite different. During it, the masseuse uses her hands, feet, arms, legs and torso to stretch you into yoga-like positions and knead your muscles.