Surefire Ways of Being Heedful During NEET Preparation

NEET 2022 is just a few months away, and students are preparing for the test like there is no tomorrow, and that is expected too since the exam in question is the most competitive test conducted in the country.

You are most likely here as you are a NEET aspirant, and by now, you must have been handed over with a catalogue and a list of things you are expected to do in order to qualify for this coveted examination. There are a very few instances where one is told or educated about the things or points one must be mindful of and avoid.

In this article, we enlighten students on such points. Get to understand the important things which must be avoided in order to strategically plan a way out.

A proper structure

If your preparation lacks a proper framework, you will have a tough time dealing with the unforeseen and unexpected circumstances all through your NEET preparation and even on the day of the examination. Have a proper organiser or structure to follow. A convenient timetable, a realistic study planner, is of immense importance. Fix your schedule.

Be heedful of not ignoring the importance of organising your NEET study schedule.

Previous years’ question papers

While most students must have learnt about the importance of solving the NEET previous year question paper, one fails to realise how to extract maximum benefits out of these past years’ papers. These papers stand out as an extremely beneficial and helpful choice when it comes to recalling concepts, covering the vast syllabus, predicting questions depending on weightage trends apart from understanding the format of the paper and picking up the nuance of answering the paper within the stipulated time.

Be heedful of not limiting yourself from exploring all possible aspects of utilising past years’ papers.

Preferring reading over practising

NEET aspirants frame schedules, work around the clock and even stay up all night, especially when exams are fast approaching. All this can go in vain if you have just been reading all this while as opposed to practising precisely when it comes to NEET Physics preparation.

Practising offers a quick recap of your learnings and helps keep everything fresh in your memory. It enables understanding what is missed and helps pick it up.

Be heedful of not merely reading the concepts, and solve as many questions as possible, especially when preparing for the Physics section.

Shoving Physics away endlessly

For most NEET aspirants, Physics seems to be the least preferred subject, as predominantly aspirants are medicine enthusiasts. If not for any other subject, most students prefer opting for the NEET crash course for physics. Physics preparation requires more attention, if not less, compared to other sections of NEET.

Subsequently, whether you like it or not, Physics is a crucial part of NEET, as is any other subject. It is considered to be the game-changer; deemed to be the rank decider. To get an edge over others, students are required to master their Physics section, as most students manage to score well in Biology and Chemistry.

Start with the most important chapter covered in the NEET Physics section and then approach other concepts. You can refer to the weightage of each chapter for NEET to get a good idea of it.

Be heedful of prioritising all sections of NEET.

These were some points to note if you are aspiring to clear NEET.