A global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology and innovation, Supermicro has been developing and supporting end-to-end green computing solutions since 1993. Supermicro’s product portfolio includes: 1) Storage & Servers; 2) Networking; 3) Rack Solutions for Data Centers 4) Visualization Systems.

Supermicro is the only manufacturer to offer both Intel® Xeon® processor-based motherboards and chassis, and AMD Opteron™ processor based motherboards and chassis, enabling customers to choose the most appropriate platform to power their business. At Supermicro, they support the “Super Way to Win” goal of providing customers with the lowest total cost of ownership. Most recently, Supermicro launched its highly-anticipated X9 Server and Rack Solutions, as well as an updated portfolio of server motherboards.

Supermicro was founded in 1993 by Charles Liang, one of the industry’s pioneers and creators of the original Intel-based motherboard in 1987. An internationally recognized visionary and leading pioneer of green computing and green IT solutions for more than 20 years, Mr. Liang is also a founding member of Energy Efficient Ethernet working group at IEEE 802.3, which led to the creation of Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard ratified by ISO/IEC JTC1 standards committee in June 2007. The IEEE EEE initiative has been instrumental in encouraging server manufacturers worldwide to design products that power down components when not in use.

Supermicro is also a key supporter of the Intel® Platform Innovation Alliance (PIA), a unique program that drives the adoption of low-power computing platforms based on Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series, 5520, 5500 and 5600 series server microprocessors. Supermicro pre-certified server motherboards and chassis systems support Intel’s low-power consumption 6th generation core technology. Supermicro was among the first to have EEE energy savings products certified by Intel PIA and Green Ethernet Alliance.

The company is also committed to advancing green computing. Supermicro focuses on technologies that help data center providers and their customers reduce operating costs and increase system uptime for a greener, more environmentally friendly future. They are committed to driving the adoption of intelligent, leading edge products that save energy, improve performance and lower IT costs.

Supermicro’s commitment to its customers is embodied in the phrase “Supermicro – The Super Way to Win.” This vision drives all of their products forward with a focus on green technology while maintaining an innovative edge in the marketplace with designs that provide highest value and reliability at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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In conjunction with its announcement of the expanded portfolio of server products, Supermicro is also announcing availability of new redundant power supply options for the X9 and X8 series server boards. The new range integrates four independent power supply units (PSUs) into SAS backplanes for redundancy and increased reliability.

In addition to the traditional passive backplane option, Supermicro offers an active harness approach that provides four independent DC-DC converters from a single 12V power source. This system level redundancy is unmatched in the industry and further reinforces Supermicro’s commitment to providing customers with the least complex and highest performance green computing solutions in the industry.

Supermicro, a global leader in high-performance server systems and green computing technology, today announced its highly anticipated X9 Server and Rack Solutions as well as an updated portfolio of server motherboards. The new range of X9 Server and Rack Solutions offer the industry’s highest density per rack unit with up to 133% more performance than their previous generation counterparts.

Supermicro’s commitment to high performance and efficiency is the driving force behind the X9 series design. Leveraging the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series “Westmere-EP” platform with over 60% improvement in energy efficiency and boosted core counts, this revolutionary platform set assures customers will have a high density system capable of handling future growth now with unprecedented power savings.