Sharpen your pencil with the best electric pencil sharpener

Know that feeling when you’re sketching or writing and the tip goes dull? You’ve just started to get into the groove and now you need to dig out the pencil sharpener. When you finally find one, you turn the pencil on the sharpener and hear that dreaded snap. The easiest way to reduce the chance of breaking the lead and eliminate the frustration from this scenario is to use an electric pencil sharpener. Not only does it provide faster and more consistent sharpening results, but it’s also gentler on your hands. Plus, you’ll save time because electric sharpeners speed up the sharpening process. We hate to break it to you but not all electric models are created equal. If you buy a low-quality product, you will get a chipped pencil edge with broken lead. But don’t worry, we’ve thoroughly researched and reviewed some of the top electric pencil sharpeners of 2022 that deliver sharp, sharp edges without chipping your precious pencils.

Buying Guide: Electric Pencil Sharpener

An electric pencil sharpener can quickly sharpen your pencil with little work on your part and is electrically powered. Just place the pencil in the sharpener and the motor will mechanically move it against the blade for you, so you can achieve the perfect sharpness quickly.

An electric pencil sharpener is useful for anyone who uses pencils frequently; Even pencil-only artists can benefit from electric models. An electric pencil sharpener is an excellent solution for those with arthritis or other hand disorders.

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How to choose an electric pencil sharpener

Power supply

Best Electric pencil sharpeners that run on batteries are incredibly compact, making them perfect for carrying from home to school or the office. They generally lack the same power as plug-in devices, which limits how quickly they can sharpen pencils.

Plug-in electric pencil sharpeners are limited in use at desks or in the office because they must be used near a computer with an outlet or USB connection. Most sharpeners have a bigger motor, they sharpen faster and you don’t have to worry about running out of battery every time you need to sharpen a pencil.

Sound level

Most electric pencil sharpeners make some noise when in use, which can be annoying when working or studying. Choose a version with a quiet function if you plan to use the sharpener somewhere where noise is likely to be distracting.

Pencil size

Pencils come in many different sizes, so it’s important that any electric pencil sharpener you choose can fit the pencils you use. Choose an electric pencil sharpener that has an adjustable wheel so you can change the size of the aperture for the pencil if you want maximum adaptability. This feature is perfect for the classroom as it can often handle up to six different pencil sizes.

Sharp corner

You can change the sharpening angle on some electric pencil sharpeners so that your pencils are exactly as sharp as you want them to be. Some models allow you to avoid splitting the lead while sharpening by adjusting the angle.

Features of a quality electric pencil sharpener


Electric pencil sharpeners don’t vary much in speed – they all work pretty fast. But, you should get a heavy-duty or professional sharpener if your pencil sharpener needs to be used in a classroom where many children will use it every day. These electric pencil sharpeners usually have powerful motors, which allow them to sharpen more pencils faster.

Shaving holder

Every best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils has some sort of bucket or container to collect pencil shavings as they are sharpened. This container needs to be emptied regularly as most models shut off when the container is completely full.

Blade replacement

Normal wear and tear on the blade can affect the performance of an electric pencil sharpener. You should quickly swap out the blade on some models, ensuring that the sharpener is working flawlessly. Note that some electric pencil sharpeners do not offer replacement blades, so you will need to purchase a new sharpener if the blade wears out.