Protect Your Apple Watch With An Extended Warranty

Apple offers a warranty to cover damage caused by normal wear and tear. Users can also purchase AppleCare+ to add two years of hardware coverage and extended phone support. It’s important to understand the details of each warranty policy. This way, customers can navigate the process effectively and seek the appropriate support.

Battery Replacement

Apple Watches are expensive, and it’s a good idea to protect them against hardware and software issues with an Apple watch extended warranty. A warranty from Asurion Home+, for example, would cover your smartwatch against normal wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, electrical failures, power surges, and dust, heat, and humidity. All rechargeable batteries degrade over time, resulting in shortened capacities and lower performance. Luckily, a simple battery replacement can restore your device to its former glory.

The battery replacement process is relatively straightforward, but users should exercise caution when handling the delicate components inside the Apple Watch casing. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use a small screwdriver set, a non-metallic prying tool, and a pair of tweezers. A lint-free cleaning cloth can also come in handy during the process. After removing the old battery, carefully connect the new one and replace the display assembly. Power on the watch to make sure the new battery is functioning properly.

Band Replacement

If you want to change the color or style of your watch you can buy a new band for it. The Apple watch uses standard Apple bands but there are other options available like these soft nylon MICHELE straps in a variety of colors and patterns. Adding a new band is easy — align the end pieces on the new band with the case opening and slide them through. To remove the old band, place your Apple watch face down on a lint-free cloth or soft, padded mat and press the quick-release button on a link.

Unlike other devices where a warranty covers only manufacturer defects, the Apple Watch extended warranty also includes two incidents of hardware repair coverage. Depending on the policy you choose, this can include repairing scratches and other minor damage to the screen. This is a huge benefit and it will make you feel more at ease using the device daily.

Software Updates

The Apple Watch is a powerful piece of technology, and like any other expensive gadget, it’s worth protecting. An Apple Watch protection plan can provide peace of mind and help to ensure the device works as it should for up to a year with the standard limited hardware warranty or two years with AppleCare+.

The plan gives you access to phone and online support and includes priority access to a Genius Bar. This is especially useful if you’re having trouble with your device or need help setting up your new Apple Watch. Apple also provides system software updates during the coverage period. These may prevent your Apple Watch from reverting to an earlier version of the system software, but the recovery and reinstallation of third-party applications or data is not covered by apple watch warranty. If you have an Apple Watch, make sure to check its warranty status regularly. You can do this by using the Apple Support app or visiting the company’s online coverage-check portal.


With a new Apple Watch, you’ll get one year of hardware repair coverage under the standard warranty. Depending on the plan you choose, this may include up to two incidents of accidental damage each year. The exception to this is when you break the screen, which can only be repaired with a replacement. You’ll need to bring the broken device to an Apple store or use the Express Replacement service online.

Of course, you’ll still pay a fee for this, but it’s better than having to replace your device entirely. It’s also worth pointing out that this isn’t a comprehensive protection plan like the ones offered by Asurion Home+. That option would cover more than just your smartwatch, including all the other tech in your house. That kind of peace of mind may be worth the extra cost for some people. For others, though, it may not be. It really depends on how much you value your devices and how often you can afford to spend money replacing them.


Apple watches come with a standard manufacturer warranty that lasts for one year. This warranty covers any issues resulting from a manufacturing defect. However, this limited warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Fortunately, there are many third-party extended warranties that offer this coverage.