Mahjong Ways 2 Offers A Treasure Trove Of Rewards And Bonuses

Mahjong Ways 2 is a game that requires skill and strategy. It also offers a treasure trove of rewards and bonuses to keep players interested. These bonuses can be earned through daily login, achievements, and tournament participation. Research shows that the calculations and hand-eye coordination involved in mahjong contribute to dexterity and memory. This is an important factor in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Zeusgacor is a game of skill, strategy and luck. There are many different variations of mahjong, each with its own rules and peculiarities. Think of each variant as a dialect of mahjong, with subtle differences that change how you play.

Each player is dealt 14 tiles and sets them up into four sets and a pair. A set is a group of three identical tiles, or a “pung.” A pair is two matching tiles. Each player must also have a chow, which is a run or a straight of three tiles in the same suit. It is important to focus on building winning hands and to avoid chows, which can cost you the game. Players should pay attention to discarded tiles and claim them when they have a match.


There are many variations of mahjong, and the rules differ between regions. Some of them are complex, while others are simpler. This writeup describes only the simplest of rules, but players should be flexible and adjust their thinking based on the tiles that are exposed in their racks and on what other players do.

A player can pause the game to pick up any tile discarded by another player. However, the player must announce “PAUSE” before picking up the tile and place it in their rack. They must also expose the Pung, Kong, or Chow for all to see. A player may also exchange exposed jokers for any tile in a pung, kong, or sextet. This is known as a Charleston or courtesy pass.


When a player makes a legal Mahjong hand they are awarded the minimum points agreed in advance (often 3) plus bonus points. This is in addition to the point value of their winning tiles. A player can also earn extra bonus points if they have an exposed joker in their winning hand. Before the Charleston is exchanged a player may make a courtesy pass to the player across from them of one, two or three tiles. These tiles cannot be used in a pung, kong or qunt and cannot substitute for any of the actual matching tile.

If a tile drawn from the wall or called from a discard completes a hand on the score card, the player declares mahjong and wins the game. If the tile can be used in a chow, Kong or pung then the player closest to the person who discarded takes precedence.

Bonus Rounds

Some mahjong games include bonus rounds that allow players to play for higher scores. These bonuses can be used as a reward for winning a game or to increase the score of a losing player. These rounds can also be used to add excitement to the game.

A player may pause the turn to pick up a discarded tile if it completes a Pung, Kong, or Chow in their rack. They must announce this before picking up the tile. Once they have picked up the tile, they must reshuffle their hand and place it on top of their rack. They may not rob another player’s exposed Pung or Kong. Special hands are alternative target sets of tiles that a player can go Mah Jong with. These are not included in the original Chinese game, but many Western derivatives of mahjong allow them.

The Future Of Mahjong Ways

mahjong ways 2 is a popular game that requires skill, strategy, and luck. The game has a long history and is often seen as a social bonding activity. It is also a great way to relieve stress.

In manga, anime, and films that portray mahjong, the game is depicted as almost supernatural in its power and ability. While these aspects are a part of the entertainment value, they don’t really reflect how mahjong works.

Adding innovative twists to the gameplay of American Mahjong can help promote the game and bring more people into its fold. For example, players can try the exciting new variation of Messy Mahjong or Stacks/Towers to break free from conventional norms and inject some excitement into their gaming sessions. Players can also use unique power-ups and boosters to improve their performance.

More Words

Mahjong ways 2 is a well designed online slot by Playstar that offers a progressive jackpot. It is a medium variance game and pays players relatively frequently. Featuring a 4-5-5-5-4 grid layout, 2,000 fixed betways and well known symbols this game also includes special features like Gold Plated symbols and a win multiplier above the reels!