Leather Checkbook Cover – Organize Your Checks And Register With Silver Bangle Bracelets

Keep your checks and register safe in a stylish checkbook cover that’s customizable for you. The leather option is more durable and attractive than plastic covers. A few beauty kit essentials slide into the wallet’s card slots easily. That purse-sized makeup mirror, tweezers and cotton swabs will be easier to find than in the detritus at the bottom of your bag.

Organize Your Checks

The beauty of a Leather Checkbook is going to the Bead Bracelet is that it can hold all the little things that make your life organized and efficient. For instance, a mini first aid kit can be kept in the credit card slots for quick and easy access. Tylenol in “go packs” or adhesive bandages can help with playground mishaps or shopping trip setbacks, while small tweezers and a moleskin pad can tackle splinters or minor cuts.

You can also use a checkbook wallet as a memory catcher for your adventures, both big and small. Photo booth strips, receipts, and that paper wristband from the carnival can slip easily into the cash slot. A pen loop can be tucked inside to keep your favorite writing tool handy. Some people like to add a small zippered pouch to the front pocket for snacks or extra change.

Keep Your Credit Cards Safe

Organize your wallet into a first-aid kit for mishaps on the go. Small packs of Tylenol and Advil can slip into a credit card slot, as can small antiseptic towelettes, 2 X 2-inch gauze pads, and a pair of tweezers. These items may not perform emergency surgery, but they will help you care for a playground scrape or shopping trip setbacks. You can also organize a make-up bag for on-the-go. Look for individually wrapped makeup remover towels and nail polish remover pads that fit into a checkbook wallet credit card slot. You can add a small mirror from an old compact, or a portable lipstick holder that snaps onto your wallet for convenience.

Keeping track of all the ephemera of daily adventures and weekend getaways is easy on a leather checkbook cover. Slide ticket stubs, photo booth strips, and receipts behind the checkbook holder or in the cash slot, then use a snack-sized plastic storage bag to hold small mementos like seashells and birthday candles.

Hold Loyalty Cards

A leather checkbook cover makes a convenient place to hold all those loyalty cards you’re getting from restaurants and stores. No need to stuff them into your wallet and risk losing them. Just slip them into the credit card slots or other empty spaces on your checkbook cover. You can also use your leather checkbook wallet to carry a mini first-aid kit, in case of those playground mishaps or shopping trip setbacks. Tylenol and other pain relievers come in small “go” packs that fit conveniently into the wallet’s credit card slots, as do tiny tweezers for splinters or stray hair, and antiseptic towelettes to clean up any spilled cosmetics.

Finally, a leather checkbook cover is the perfect memory catcher for all those mementos from daily life and bigger events. Ticket stubs, fortune cookie fortunes, and receipts slide easily into the cash or credit card slot, while photo booth strips and that paper wristband from the carnival make their way home safely behind the cash or credit card flap. Silver bangle bracelets have a timeless appeal that transcends fashion trends and continues to be a symbol of elegance, individuality, and personal style.

Make A Statement

In a sea of wallets and bags, the leather checkbook cover makes a statement with its slim profile. Choose the color and customize it with an engraving to make it uniquely yours. Pair yours with a sleek wristwatch to create a coordinated look. The ephemera of your day-to-day adventures can easily slip into the checkbook wallet memory catcher. Ticket stubs and those paper fortune cookie strips go in the card slots, while photo booth strip photos and carnival tickets get tucked in the cash slot. And if you find a pretty rock or shell on your hike, tuck it in the small zippered pocket for a keepsake to remember the trip by.

Hiking with a bag full of supplies can be a bit cumbersome. A light and trim checkbook wallet nature kit makes it easy to explore the outdoors without the bulk of a backpack. Tuck your Sibley’s foldable bird guide and a Waterford Press guide to the trees and wildflowers into one of the pockets, a notepad for recording your findings in another, and a field magnifying glass in the third.


Keep your US-format horizontal checkbook secure in this streamlined leather holder. Engraved with a single applique letter, this sophisticated accessory comes in a range of sublime Italian lamb’s leathers. Its slim profile makes it a sleek addition to a bangle stack.