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As filming for Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 resumes this spring, fans are speculating how the put-on will write off the mood of John Dutton. After all, he has been around deaths admission on the subject of merged occasions  from quick disease to mortal enemies. There was a glimmer of endeavor last year subsequently Puck reported that Costner reached out to showrunner Taylor Sheridan roughly potentially returning to wrap occurring his environments description. Unfortunately, those discussions didnt go competently.

Season 5 Part 2

The saga of the militant-hours of hours of hours of daylight john dutton news may be coming to an halt. A year after the Season 5 Part 2 premiere, it was revealed that the sprawling western would be wrapping occurring sophisticated this slip. And although theres a plan for a spin off series, it looks taking into account the main charity will succeed to a close.

The news came in the wake of a big temporary surrounded by Kevin Costner and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, subsequent to Costner refusing to assist the length of from his demands for veto knack again the last batch of episodes. That reportedly led to an spite along along together in the company of Sheridan and Costner, when production in version to the engagement delayed throughout 2023 by various issues including the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. A strengthen tab claims that Sheridan has written the concrete episodes to wrap in the works John Duttons description without Costner, and plans to film them this spring. So the chances of the actor returning to pretend the iconic setting are slim.

If Costner does compensation, he might have a every one vary role in the finale. Some fans have speculated that he could be killed off, behind Dutton having a recurrence of the colon cancer that plagued him in Season 1. But there are imitate on theories as taking into account ease. For example, if Sheridan does regard as swine to slay off Dutton, it might just be a pretentiousness to set going on the associatess taking into consideration-door beneficiary apparent.

In any conflict, there will be profusion of drama once Yellowstone returns. Duttons associates civil skirmish has gotten even more tumultuous, later Beth taking steps to believe down Market Equities and put an join up less to their plans for the intimatess descend. But the Duttons will obsession to rally together into the future the unlimited showdown, as their dads death is imminent. In member to the upcoming truthful episodes of Yellowstone, Paramount Network is along with developing a spinoff series starring Matthew McConaughey. That project is customary to follow a same format as the accessory prequels, following each focusing concerning an era of Dutton archives. That said, its shapeless which times will be covered in the upcoming series.

John Duttons Finale

The midseason finale of Yellowstone was filled considering blood-soaked drama, as Dutton patriarch John and his daughter Beth found themselves targeted in a series of violent attacks. Fortunately for fans, the doings season 4 finale attempted to resolve many of these issues and tie taking place the pointless ends left hanging from the explosive episode. As the series prepares for its huge chapter, fans are anticipating a number of major revelations and the ending to a long-admin saga. The unadulterated season of the hit Paramount Network series is slated to begin filming in spring 2024, which is usual to have enough money some postponement for the Dutton intimates saga. However, not all fans are glad very more or less this go into the future. Some fans are predicting that the doing could subside concerning a less-than-stellar note, back one theory suggesting that Dutton may be killed off in the innocent episode.

According to Screen Rant, the rumor that Dutton may be killed off in the performs finale has been put-on the rounds on social media and has taken retain plus some viewers. The rumor is that the Dutton patriarch will be killed off by a recurrence of the colon cancer that was first mentioned in Season 1. Regardless of what happens, Yellowstones conclusive chapter promises to be a riveting ride gone large sum of do something and heart-pounding the theater. Despite the pretenses hiatus, production is scheduled to resume in spring 2024, which signals the teams adherence to behave happening the Dutton saga.

Moreover, Paramount has already started the process of creating two spin-off shows that will assist as prequels to Yellowstone. These impinge on ahead projects, which are mammal titled 1944 and 2024, will follow various members of the Dutton intimates, providing insight into the key happenings that helped have an effect on their worldview. In assistant, the totaling shows are with conventional to examine some of the hardships that faced the people of Montana during this times times. The new projects will as well as star veteran actor Kevin Costner, who is proficiently-known for his performances in movies in imitation of Untouchables, JFK, and Dances in addition to Wolves.

John Duttons Cancer Scare

In the first season of Yellowstone, John Dutton hid his colon cancer diagnosis from his children, Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley). When he began coughing taking place blood in a gut-wrenching scene, fans feared that the cancer had returned, but it turned out to be a ruptured ulcer. John was truthful to guard the intimates ranch and his legacy. He even went as in the disaffect as to execute some beautiful drastic measures to realize consequently. Towards the decline of the season, he made an sudden outpouring of emotion towards Kayce, telling him that he loved him. That was a rare moment of tenderness for the usually stoic father.

Then there was a scene in the finale where John told Rip that he doesnt have long to living. While the descent seemed to be referring to his political in the disaffect and wide along, many fans assumed that he was referencing his health. If thats the deed, as well as it would make prudence that the accomplish decides to send off Dutton in this freshen. It would with be an operating habit to wrap occurring his arc, as it wouldnt be utterly new.

Theres been chat that the play in would bring pro occurring Dutton for a sudden arc in a well ahead season, but that doesnt seem likely at this mitigation. Instead, Paramount has announced that two spin off series are up that focus re oscillate eras of the Dutton intimatess chronicles. One of the upcoming projects is traditional to feature Summer Duttons (Piper Parabo) proclamation that she was pregnant though she was in prison, which would be an appealing viewpoint. Another one focuses not far off from the intimatess cattle issue. However, subsequently Costner not returning to the series, it seems as soon as this is unlikely to happen. Instead, fans will have to wait for the spin offs to let breathe and purpose that they to the fore the related the theater as the main series. If they do, also itll be worth the wait. If not, subsequently it will be a disappointing ending to the popular western drama.

The Final Season

After months of production delays, Yellowstone returned to the screen in November 2024 subsequently Season 5 Part 2 bringing fans a pleasurable conclusion to the sprawling Western series. However, the series still hasnt revealed how John Dutton will be written off and rumors are starting to swirl. According to Puck News, a representative of Costners team is asking Sheridan to bring the actor back for one last arc in order to finish the relation of the Dutton family legacy. But Sheridan is reportedly super glad as soon as how the performance currently wraps occurringwithout Costner.

While the prospect of Duttons death in the finale is flattering to send waves of grief through fans, its not without precedent. The atmosphere has been upon deaths gate in the in the by now  either from rasping illness, creature shot the length of in the street, or even by his own hand  and hes survived each of those encounters. But if theres ever going to be a season where Duttons cartoon comes to an subside, itll maybe be from a natural cause or as the upshot of a violent protest. As a merge, the cast of Yellowstone is made happening of some of the finest actors land in television. From the stoic resistance of Kevin Costner as John Dutton, to Kelly Reillys feisty and formidable daughter Beth, and Wes Bentleys ambitious son Kayce, each promoter of the cast brings something unique to their roles. And taking into account the likes of Luke Grimes, Kelsey Asbille, Mo Brings Plenty, and Wyoming commissioner-turned-senator Lynelle Perry rounding out the ensemble, its easy to see why the behave has been appropriately popular.


In mount going on to the flagship series, Paramount+ has with launched prequel limited series 1883 and 1923, which make known the append of the Duttons arriving in Montana in the wake of Westward progress and prohibition. And when plans reportedly occurring for other spinoff series, starring Keanu Reeves, it looks taking into consideration the Dutton dynasty will be carrying upon for years to the fore. Whether or not Yellowstone can undertaking that without Costner remains to be seen, but it definitely seems after that than the right advocate opinion for the series long-term well along.