Japanese anime review Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Today we will bring friends and anime fans. Let’s review Children Who Chase Lost Voices. which is a fantasy adventure anime Tell me that the story is fun. Win every second for sure. Importantly, this story is another story that the audience can’t predict the plot. It can be called a detailed work. Even if everything in the story is pieced together until it’s interesting brooke daniells.

But there are still some points that feel The plot is scattered with important things or characters that are too tied to the story until it becomes too confusing for objects or characters, but it is only a small point. Because the plot is still fun and beautiful in the style of Shinkai Makoto, even though it is the first anime, but the content of the story line is very interesting.

Friends and anime fans will see that Shinkai Makoto’s current work is extraordinary. Whether it’s the anime “Your Name” that has earned a lot of money, or “Weathering with You”, “Fahsai Girl and Her Father” It’s still equally fun. Most of the anime that Shinkai Makoto has written is in the genre. fantasy adventure There is a story and events that lead to the story of the adventures and encounters of the protagonists.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices So does the girl and the voice of the gods world. His name is Asuna, a Japanese student who meets a mysterious shun who comes to save her from wild beasts. But it seems that the story of Shun’s arrival is not as common as expected. Let’s go check out the Children Who Chase Lost Voices anime review.

Japanese anime review Children Who Chase Lost Voices A fun fantasy adventure anime that shouldn’t be missed!!

Children Who Chase Lost Voices Blu-ray (Hoshi o Ou Kodomo / 星を追う子ども)

The story of Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Asuna, a middle school girl who lost her father as a child, forced her to live with her mother who only had time to visit her a few times a week because she was busy with work. Asuna has one item to look at in front of her father: a radio lover and a mineral stone that turns on the radio that Asuna always hangs with him. When she misses her father or when she is lonely, she always turns on this radio. One day, she went to school as usual.

The teacher alerted the students to beware of the big bear that came out of the forest. which could injure the people in the village Have all students go home immediately, do not go out at night. In the evening Asuna strolls around the railway tracks. in order to sit around the valley as usual But then she saw a large bear staring at her, pretending to claw its claws at him.

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But a mysterious young man appeared in front of her. He fought against the giant bear in front of him with a strength that surpassed normal humans. When he was able to save her, he disappeared, telling Asuna that he lived in the mountains. The next day after school Asuna went to see the young man at the foot of the mountain. The young man introduced himself as his name.

Shun and tell Asuna that he is from a distant city. A city that humans cannot reach. The next few birthdays, strange things happened. Chun disappeared after the two started having good feelings for each other. causing a lot of turmoil for Asuna

She tried to find the underworld through various textbooks. in order to find Shun Until she came to know Teacher Morisaki, a young teacher who had just moved in on the first day. He studied and talked about the legends of the Underworld as well. Makes Asuna interested and asks about the story. The underworld land from Morisaki until he realized that such land can revive those who have disappeared from the human world. Knowing that and then Asuna wants to find this land.

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She returned to his man again. She saw a young man dressed like Chun and found that he had a face that looked like Chun and thought it was Chun. But the young man said that his name was Shin and Chun was his brother. When the two were chatting, they found that Shin was hunting. causing Asina to run away with Shin as well which Shin is looking for something that is very much needed for the underworld.

Without that, the underworld could lose the balance of life. Causing Asuna to be dragged into the underworld as well Let’s just say that the อนิเมะ Children Who Chase Lost Voices. In addition to being fun and interesting to follow Friends can also unleash various doubts and win with the characters in a fun way. What’s the story going to be? Will Asuna be able to save Shun? You can watch it in the Japanese anime Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Let me tell you that it’s definitely fun and addictive.