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Is An Appliance Extended Warranty Worth It?

While an appliance extended warranty may help to save money on repairs, it is important to review the terms and conditions carefully. Many protection plans come with numerous exclusions, which can limit coverage. Additionally, some extended warranties require a monthly or annual premium in addition to the flat up-front cost. Is it worth the gamble?

1. Peace of Mind

When you buy an extended warranty for a new appliance, you’re buying peace of mind. Appliance extended warranty are designed to provide you with coverage for repairs on your appliances after the manufacturer’s original warranty has expired. The cost of an extended warranty is usually a small fraction of the repair cost, making it a good option for those who want to be prepared in case something goes wrong with their appliances. In addition, a home appliance warranty may increase the resale value of your appliance.

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2. Save Money on Repairs

When you’re shopping for appliances, a lot of sales associates will offer to sell you an extended warranty. These service plans have become a $40 billion industry, according to the newsletter Warranty Week. An appliance protection plan can help you save money on repairs by covering the cost of these services. Depending on the specific coverage offered, you can find a plan that fits your needs for the price you want to pay.

These plans typically pair you with local authorized service technicians who specialize in your brand and type of appliance. This will ensure that the repair is done right, in a timely fashion, and at a fair price. While many new appliances can last well past their expected lifespan without needing a repair, the reality is that they will eventually break down. A low warranty fee on an annual basis can make it much easier to budget for this inevitable expense. Plus, you’ll be able to transfer your appliance warranty when you decide to sell the product or give it away.

3. No Hidden Fees

A warranty from a trusted provider can offer you peace of mind and protection against unexpected repair costs. However, most warranties come with a lot of fine print and conditions that make it difficult to know exactly what you’re getting into when you sign up for the coverage. Many home appliances come with a manufacturer warranty that covers repairs for a year or more after you buy them. Some retailers and third-party providers also sell extended appliance warranties, but these tend to be more expensive.

If you’re considering purchasing a home appliance extended warranty, it pays to shop around and look for a company with good reviews and a low price. You may find that the money you spend on a plan is well worth it for you and your family. However, if you’re looking for the best value on your purchase, consider buying high-quality appliances that are less likely to break down. You’ll also be able to save on maintenance fees by choosing appliances that require less frequent service visits.

4. Coverage Options

Modern appliances aren’t built to last the way that our parents and grandparents’ machines did. That’s not due to shoddy design or planned obsolescence, but rather the addition of new technologies and features that make these devices more useful and efficient-and also more likely to break down. A warranty provider can connect you with service technicians who specialize in the brand and type of appliance you own. This is more convenient than having to hunt down a reliable handyman on your own. Plus, a warranty can typically be transferred if you sell your home or give the appliance away.

However, it’s important to note that extended warranties may have specific terms, conditions and exclusions that could prevent you from using the coverage if something goes wrong with your appliances. Also, these plans generally don’t cover home systems like HVACs or plumbing and drainage. That’s why it’s important to do your research and vet reputable service providers before you buy any warranties.


In conclusion, purchasing an extended warranty for your home appliances can provide peace of mind and protection against unexpected repair costs. It offers an added layer of security, especially for high-priced items. However, carefully review the terms and coverage to ensure it aligns with your needs and consider the reliability of the manufacturer before making a decision.


Is an extended warranty worth it for all home appliances?

Extended warranties can be worth it for expensive appliances or those prone to frequent malfunctions. However, for lower-priced appliances or ones with a good track record, it may not be cost-effective. Evaluate the appliance’s reliability, repair costs, and the warranty’s coverage before deciding.

Can I purchase an extended warranty after the appliance’s original warranty expires?

In most cases, yes, you can buy an extended warranty after the original warranty expires. Some providers offer extended warranties even after years of use. However, the cost may be higher, and certain limitations may apply, such as excluding pre-existing issues or wear and tear. Check with the warranty provider for specific details.