How to Save on a Night at the Movies

In these financially hard times, swaddling the entire family against a still-chilly March night and going to the actual theater might seem like a daunting notion. However, with a little forethought, you may dramatically reduce your box office receipts. Using these short tips, you’ll be able to save a few dollars from your hard-earned wages, which will soon build up to substantial savings. Here are seven unexpectedly simple ways to save money at the movies.

  1. Allow the children to choose only one of them. When faced with the bright lights of the candy counter and small eyes bugging out like saucers from excitement, it’s natural to want to overindulge, but limiting yourself to just one shared item may save you money and teach a vital lesson about sharing.
  2. Don’t save a cent by spending a dollar. To put it another way, skip the cheap popcorn tubs. With their flamboyant pitch of mucho savings, these huge servings entice you in, but smallmouths will tire of eating long before the bulk of the pennies has been squeezed.
  3. Organize your coupons. Aside from weekly mailers, movie discounts sometimes appear in unexpected locations. For example, Safeway has been known to give out two free movie tickets if you buy 10 goods from a specific category in one trip down the aisles.
  4. Simply refuse Fandango. It’s perfectly OK to stand in line, and patience has long been a virtue. Plus, the extra $1.50 per seat isn’t worth it merely to escape a few minutes of adolescent eye-rolling at having to line.
  5. However, do your research beforehand. Many sites, riding the wave of online airline travel discounters, offer huge chains like Regal, AMC, and Leows bulk purchases for up to 40% cheaper than counter costs. Check AMC ticket prices here.
  6. Investigate alternate movie venues. Second-run theaters, cinema draft houses, and drive-ins show films within a few weeks after their initial release for as low as a buck or two per person.
  7. Remember to be carded. Remember to bring your verification cards and don’t be embarrassed to flash them to cash in on senior and student discounts, which can mean matinee prices for primetime viewing.

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