How To Find Treatment For Eating Disorder In Central London

Many people who need eating disorder treatment live busy lives. Our specialised eating disorder counsellor service offers flexible and affordable services that are tailored to your needs. Eating Disorders can cause serious damage to the body in the long term. They involve food restriction, malnutrition and extreme exercise. Anorexia Nervosa is the most common of these and is often found in young women and girls, although men and boys also develop it. Other types of eating disorders include:


Many people in the UK suffer from an eating disorder, which is a severe mental illness that can have serious medical complications. It is more serious than simply being overweight and affects the health of people of all ages. These disorders can be life threatening and are highly misunderstood by people who do not have them. The eating disorder charity Beat recently reported that waiting lists for inpatient treatment are at crisis point due to lack of funding and capacity.

The ideal eating disorder inpatient unit is designed to provide a cognitive behavioral framework with meals overseen by medical staff to ensure nutritional rehabilitation and recovery from binge eating and purging. These programs also include group therapies for common core psychopathology problems such as social skills training, body image distortion and maturity fears. Residential, partial hospitalization and day treatment programs are effective intermediate treatments for people who have been in an inpatient program and need some monitoring but can handle a higher level of independence than an outpatient service.


Outpatient treatment is a less intensive option for individuals with an eating disorder that typically involves meeting on a weekly basis with a clinician for therapy sessions. The therapy aims to help change maladaptive behaviors and address the underlying emotional issues. Depending on the severity of the eating disorder, outpatient treatment can last for weeks or months. Patients can receive 24-hour care in an ED Residential Treatment Service (ED Res) if they are struggling to manage their eating disorder independently. During this time, patients can enjoy a supportive and nurturing environment while learning how to challenge and manage their symptoms in a safe way.

Kerrie Jones, the chief executive of Orri, founded the company to offer a new choice of Central london eating disorder treatment Harley Street Medical Area. She saw the need for a space that combines expert support in managing the physical and behavioural symptoms of eating disorders with an exploration of the deeper causes for long-term recovery.

Virtual DTS

Those accessing virtual DTS treatment can receive group and individual eating disorder counselling sessions. Inspectors said they were impressed with a strong community ethos that helped clients stay motivated, safe and supported online during their recovery. They also praised the fact that those who had completed their treatment kept in touch and returned to deliver motivational groups for new clients. DTS Virtual:X height virtualization is similar to the Dolby Elevation processing that’s built into Atmos upfiring speakers. It prompts your brain to fill in sounds that aren’t actually there.

Philippe Jacquet & Associates

Philippe Jacquet has a wide array of experience within the mental health field. He started his career with a social worker training program in Belgium, and later earned his certification as a life coach, crisis intervention specialist and instructor of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapy used to treat PTSD. He has a Jungian Confrerie analytical psychotherapist practice in Harley Street, central London and Bermondsey with additional offices in Marbella, Brussels and Nairobi. He has extensive experience in both private clinics and public health facilities. He also spent two years living in a Buddhist monastery, an experience he incorporates into his teachings on spirituality.

He is a BACP accredited counsellor and has worked with clients suffering from emotional stress, depression, relationship problems, bereavement and eating disorders. He uses a combination of counselling techniques including cognitive, psychodynamic and hypnotherapy. He also works with individuals dealing with anger management issues. He treats both adults and children.


Central london eating disorder treatment is an OHIP funded service for residents of Ontario. It consists of day treatment (DTS) and residential care. Day therapy consists of weekly individual counselling and group sessions. This helps people to change maladaptive behaviours and address underlying emotional issues that contribute to their eating difficulties.