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How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

There are several ways to find guest blogging opportunities. The first step is to find a blog with a high Domain Authority. Guest blogs on subdomains don’t provide the same strength of backlinks, so choose those with high Domain Authority. Higher Domain Authority blogs receive more traffic and, in turn, more SEO impact from backlinks. Also, blogs with high monthly site visits have more potential to attract readers. In addition to blogs with high Domain Authority, you should consider guest blogging on a real-world blog such as Forbes or The Huffington Post.

Best practices for guest blogging

The best way to get traffic to your site from guest blogging is to find a blog that is relevant to your niche or industry. Guest blogging for a credit repair company would not be appropriate for a gardening website, and vice versa. Be sure to write informative and engaging content for your guest post, and make sure you include a brief author biography. You can also include link insertion to your own website and relevant authority sites, but do not overdo it!

Make sure to use images. 90% of bloggers use images in their blog posts. Readers have become used to reading content that has a visual component. Always include data or references to your sources and make your claim actionable. For example, if your guest post focuses on how to make social media marketing work for your business, use images to break up the text. If you’re writing for a general audience, use images to illustrate your points.

Don’t forget to identify your qualifications. If you’re writing about religion, make sure to include your credentials. You may have taken courses on religion or been involved with contemporary churches. Either way, cite your credentials and experience to prove your expertise. Always make sure to identify your audience and the website that you’re pitching to before you pitch your blog. Then, follow up with the blog owner to learn more about his or her business or brand.

Common mistakes to avoid

When you are thinking of guest blogging, there are several common mistakes you should avoid. Among the most common mistakes are writing highly promotional posts or content that is not informative. While promoting your products and services is important, writing a post that is informative is equally as important. This will increase the chances of being accepted. But how can you avoid these mistakes? Below are some simple guidelines. You will have an easier time getting your guest post approved!

Keep in mind that online readers quickly become bored with the same old information. To avoid making this mistake, you should go through the archives of your host blog and come up with an interesting topic. But be careful not to sound too showy and overly technical; this will turn readers off. It’s always best to write for an audience that is interested in the topic. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to guest blogging success.

Make sure your article is free of plagiarism. Before guest posting, read and re-read the rules and guidelines of the host blog. The host blog will want you to follow their rules and maintain their reputation. Don’t break these rules as it will cost you more time and effort. Remember to write a quality article and get it published on a blog that specializes in your topic. It’s worth the effort.

Finding guest blogging opportunities

The most effective way to find guest blogging opportunities is by networking. Connecting with other bloggers and writing on their sites can give you valuable opportunities to generate fresh content. Also, you can research your competition by looking up their bios on Google or social media. By doing so, you will be able to identify their potential guest blogging opportunities. After all, these are the ones who will promote your brand and services. But how do you find such opportunities?

Building relationships is an essential step before you can start writing for someone else. You can achieve this by leaving a comment on their posts at least twice or more. If possible, send longer comments through email as well. This way, you can establish a communication channel with the site owner, and it may lead to additional opportunities down the line. In addition to connecting with the blog owner, you can leave useful links to your own website or products.


If you do not know who to contact, you can join communities of guest bloggers. In these communities, fellow bloggers will share lists of blogs that accept guest posts. Be active and establish relationships to find out what quality guest posting sites are looking for and if they are willing to pay a reasonable amount. Once you have established relationships, you can approach them to submit your post. But remember that finding a guest blogging opportunity is not an easy task! So, what are the best ways to find guest blogging opportunities?