How To Choose The Best Shower Set For Your Bathroom

There are many different shower set designs and styles, all of which offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to function and style. But how do you choose the best one for your bathroom? A good way to ensure you get everything you want is by going with a fully-outfitted shower system package. These kits include all the fixtures you need, including hand showers, shower trim sets, and body sprays, all in a single design that fits together seamlessly.

Thermostatic Valve

Thermostatic valves maintain the temperature of water to within a preset limit, providing scalding protection. This makes them ideal for homes where young children and elderly people live or work, as it can prevent scalding burns. Pressure-balancing shower valves use a wax insert or other thermosensitive element to sense the temperature of the water and adjust the flow to maintain a constant temperature. These are often cheaper and easier to operate than thermostatic valves, but they can’t provide any scalding protection if the handle is turned all the way to the hot setting.

TMVs also instantly react to changes in water temperature, and can shut off immediately if there’s a drop in cold-water flow. They’re a popular choice for safety, and are generally considered the most reliable and controller-friendly type of shower valve.

Pressure Balance Valve

The Pressure Balance Valve of a shower set regulates water pressure and temperature to prevent thermal shock or scalding during showering. It does this by balancing hot and cold water flow in a manner similar to the way a thermostatic valve works. In a pressure balance valve, a pressure-sensitive piston, spool or diaphragm reacts to changes in water temperature. As the temperature rises, the piston moves to limit the flow of hot water and the spool expands to increase the flow of cold water.

These valves are great for people who have difficulty controlling a thermostatic valve, or are working on a tight budget. They also protect against scalding and thermal shock, so they are a good choice for elderly or handicapped people.

Volume Control Valve

The Volume Control Valve of a shower set controls the amount of water that flows through the outlets, including the tub spout and the shower head. This is an important part of your custom shower as it will help keep the temperature and flow of your water at your desired levels. If you plan on using multiple shower heads and body sprays in your custom shower, then the best choice would be a thermostatic valve system. This is the most common setup for this style of shower, as it gives you more control in both temperature and volume.

Thermostatic valves use a wax insert to sense the water temperature and provide the most accurate temperature throughout your showering experience. This prevents scalding, while maintaining your desired water temperature within one degree.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld shower set are an ideal way to improve the daily experience of taking a shower. They are easy to attach to existing shower arms and plumbing, and they add a sense of luxury and comfort to the shower experience. Depending on the type you choose, these handheld showerheads can offer a wide range of features including massager settings and multiple water flow regulation options. They also help to conserve water and are easy to clean.

These versatile showerheads can make a great addition to any home, especially for the elderly and those who are disabled. They can even be used by people who are wheel seated to help them maintain their independence and feel more self-reliant.

Shower Rod

Shower rods are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to match your bathroom’s design. Choose a rod that complements the finish of your faucet and shower head, and make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold up a shower curtain and damp towels. A curved shower rod provides more space in the shower and keeps the water from splashing into your face. Some curved rods can be positioned in different positions, allowing you to angle the rod away from the wall.

Some curved shower rods are designed for specific tub/shower configurations, like L-shaped and square models that allow for more elbow room in the shower. Double shower rods have two parallel rods: one for the waterproof liner and a separate outer rod for a decorative shower curtain or towel.

The Bottom Lines

A shower set is the complete unit that includes a shower head, tub spout, and other shower accessories. They are a popular option for upgrading your bathroom’s look and function. The shower system needs to fit well into the space available in your bathroom and meet your design preferences. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from.