Hilton Hotels, 11:11 Media & Roblox Team Up to Offer Hilton Hotels Rewards to Roblox Players

Roblox has always been a game where famous brands have used the platform to advertise to potential customers, but a newly announced Hilton Hotels giveaway, run by Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media, is set to become one of the most unique promotions ever. Players can earn points for the Hilton Hotels loyalty program, or even win diamond-tier memberships for Hilton Hotels.

The Promotion

Bought some Robux cards for sale and kitted your avatar out with some cool gear? Well, it is time to head into the world of Slivingland, a Roblox world put together in a rather garish 90s style. Basically, imagine Paris Hilton in the 1990s, design a world around that idea, and you’ll have Slivingland.

On a regular basis, Slivingland will be running a scavenger hunt in their world. Those who take part can potentially win one of the following:

  • 111 players will receive 111,111 points for their Hilton loyalty program
  • 11 players will receive a diamond-tier membership
  • 50,000 players will receive items for their Roblox avatars

We anticipate that most people with a Roblox account probably won’t have a Hilton Hotels loyalty system account, but we’re sure if they win, they’ll get one set up pretty quickly.

The Birth of the Promotion

Back in October 2023, Hilton Hotels started a promotion entitled ‘It Matters Where You Stay’, where the idea was to show that it was better to stay at a Hilton Hotel as opposed to any other type of hotel. The commercial starred Paris Hilton, and a host of other characters, dressed up in the traditional Roblox style. If you haven’t seen this commercial yet, you can login to your Roblox account and see it in-game.

This was the start of a brand partnership with Roblox. 

While Hilton Hotels are the first company to ever give away reward points to those that play Roblox, they are not the first company to partner with the game platform. Partnerships have actually been on the rise in Roblox, and 2024 is look set to be the best year yet (after an awesome 2022 and 2024).

This means that those who buy Robux online for their Roblox account will probably have tons and tons of new gear to kit their avatars out with.

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