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Hollywood directors are known for bringing to life on-screen magic. They ignite the chemistry of actors and the orchestrated physics of stunts and action from their positions behind the camera. 

One such captain of the ship is Wesley Alley, whose cinematic journey harmonizes with the brightest stars in the industry. His unique blend of humor, humility, and directorial finesse sets him apart. Wesley’s filmography includes many A-list collaborations.

“SockMonster”: A Triumph in Short Filmmaking

One of Wesley’s early triumphs, “SockMonster,” was a major success in 2017. Directed by Alley and produced alongside Darren Lynn Bousman, the short film starred Briana Evigan and Derek Mears. Evigan, known for her roles in “Step Up 2” and “Sorority Row,” and Mears, recognized for “Friday the 13th” and “Swamp Thing Series,” brought Alley’s vision to life. 

The film garnered high praise, played at over 50 film festivals, and secured many awards. Recently released for free on YouTube, it continues to captivate audiences.

“Good Girl”: A Stellar Cast Shines Bright

Following the success of “SockMonster,” Wesley directed “Good Girl,” featuring Zach Ward from “Resident Evil,” “Transformers,” and “A Christmas Story.” Alongside him was Amanda Markowitz from “The Voices” and “Love Meat Hope.” 

The short film achieved success on the festival circuit. It earned accolades from critics and solidified Alley’s reputation for compelling storytelling.

Short Films Making Waves: “Fleeced” and “Four Hour Layover in Juarez”

“Fleeced” brings humor to the forefront. It offers a comedic take on winning the lotto when things turn bad—standout performances by Timothy McLaughlin and Ellen Smith. Similarly, “Four Hour Layover in Juarez” features a star-studded cast. It includes Briana Evigan, Erin Sanders, Mike Manning, Rene Aranda, Maitlyn Pezzo, Kung Fu Vampire, Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Brian C. Chenworth, and Alba Villaronga Cases. 

“Fleeced,” a comedy shot during the challenging times of the 2020 pandemic in Idaho, and “Four Hour Layover in Juarez,” an action-packed extravaganza, exceeded expectations. Each member of the cast contributed to the film’s success. Together, they graced over 150 film festivals, amassing awards and trophies. This showcased Alley’s ability to navigate various genres and collaborate with diverse talents across the industry.

“The Voices” with Amanda Markowitz 

“The Voices” marked Wesley’s debut as a feature film director. A psychological thriller has a stellar cast. It includes Amanda Markowitz, Victoria Matlock, Lin Shaye, and Brandon Sexton III. The film is a gripping narrative full of twists and turns. 

Music Videos and Commercial Success: A Diverse Portfolio

Besides filmmaking, Wesley has directed almost 20 music videos. He directed two for breakout artist Liam Kelley. The videos are celebrated for their success and acclaim. His commercial ventures have garnered significant recognition as well. They include ads for brands like Idaho Lottery, Commercial Tire, Ariat, Pets Best, and Glacier 45. His “Halloween Idaho Lotto” ad and the recent Commercial Tire campaign are contenders for the prestigious Rockies award. Wesley Alley‘s cinematic odyssey is marked by his creative storytelling and ability to collaborate with diverse talents. From celebrated actors in his films to emerging artists in music videos and renowned brands in commercials, Wesley’s journey in Hollywood is a testament to his versatility and impact on the industry.