Dakimakura Explained

A dakimakura (Bao kiZhen), from daki Bao ki “embrace” and makura Zhen “pillow”, is a pillowcase that is adorned with anime characters, manga, and video game characters. It’s a body pillow that offers comfort and security. It also provides relief from orthopedic problems such as back pains and shoulder strains.

It’s A Hug Pillow

Dakimakura are large pillows with anime characters printed on them. This type of pillow is popular among fans of Japanese animation and manga. This pillow can be a great way to comfort yourself or someone you love. It can also be used for decorative purposes.

However, this type of hug pillow is not without controversy. Some people see them as a violation of cultural norms. This is because some of these characters can be sexualized and are often seen as hentai. This means that they can be illegal in some countries. This is why it’s important to know the laws of your country before purchasing a body pillow.

It’s A Love Pillow

Dakimakura, from Japanese Bao kiZhen, means “hug pillow”. It’s not only used as a bedroom accessory but also a decorative element that prevents loneliness and provides emotional support. They are known for their unique design and a special kind of cuddly feel. They are popular among fans of anime and manga as they provide a sense of satisfaction and emotional support.

The pillow is usually a large, life-sized print of fictional characters in a sleeping position. Unlike body pillows, which come in different dimensions, dakimakura have strict measurements and are only available in three standard sizes: 100cm, 150cm, or 160cm.

It’s A Decoration

Anime-obsessed Japanese people are crazy about dakimakura, so it has become a popular decoration for many houses. It is a long pillow covered with a case and features a lot of designs that represent anime characters. They can be purchased in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs. It’s also possible to get custom-made ones that feature your favorite anime character. They’re a bit like body pillows but serve different purposes, and are used for both emotional and physical support. They help alleviate pressure points and provide relief from aches and pains, as well as muscle tension.

It’s A Security Blanket

In Japan, custom body pillow that is used as a comfort object for sleeping. It is similar to a stuffed toy, but it’s made of soft materials and has a special case that covers it. It can be a great gift for people who love anime. It also makes a fun decoration for your room and will make you feel warm every time you put it on your bed.

There are different styles available and most of them feature a character from anime or manga on both sides of the pillowcase. Some even have images of characters in suggestive poses. Unlike American body pillows, which are intended to promote proper spinal alignment and prevent muscle pain and blood circulation problems, Japanese Dakimakura is seen as a comfort object. Consequently, they must conform to three standard sizes.

It’s A Pillowcase Collection

In Japan, dakimakura pillowcases started to be popular in the 1990s. They were a way for anime and manga fans to get close to their favorite characters. These pillows were originally made to provide psychological comfort. This was a big difference from other body pillows that were primarily designed for physical support. They came in two types – waifu pillows featuring girls and husbando pillows with male characters. They were especially popular among teenagers.

Final Thought

In the early days of e-commerce, they were hard to ship internationally because of their size. To solve this problem, manufacturers created a 150 cm long and 1.9 kg dakimakura variant for budget-conscious anime and manga fans outside of Japan.