Checking Thunderball Results

You can check the results of each Thunderball draw as soon as they take place. The top prize is fixed at PS500,000, and you can win by matching five of the main numbers and the Thunderball. To play, fill in your numbers on a Play Slip and give it to a National Lottery retailer. You can also choose to take a Lucky Dip and have the retailers select your numbers for you.

It Is A Spin-Off Of The UK National Lottery

To play Thunderball, players must select five main numbers from 1 to 39 and a Thunderball number from 1 to 14. They can do so online or at National Lottery retailers in the UK. Each board costs PS1. The player must mark their selection in a bold and clear way with a pencil or blue or black pen. In 2006, during the live TV draw on the Jet Set programme, members of the Fathers 4 Justice group protested on the set and the show was taken off air for several minutes. The result of the draw was later revealed online.

The lottery is drawn four times a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There are nine prize categories, including a fixed jackpot of PS500,000 for anyone who matches all six numbers. The results are available as soon as the draw has taken place. You can also check previous results in the archive. In addition, you can receive lottery notifications by choosing the draw days you want to be alerted about.

It Offers A Fixed Jackpot Of PS500,000

The Thunderball Lottery is drawn four times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Players can win prizes by matching five main numbers and a Thunderball for an entry fee of PS1 per line. The top prize is fixed at PS500,000 and there are also eight other prize categories. Camelot has made a number of changes to the thunderball results game, including lowering the odds to 1 in 8 million and not allowing rollovers. This makes the game a bit of a snoozer and unless they bring in Super Draws or some other gimmick, it is likely to die a slow death.

The biggest problem is that the jackpot is fixed, and if there are several winners in a single draw, then they will have to share the prize pool. This isn’t the case with the main National Lottery lottery, where there are no such rules. Camelot could easily fix this problem by simply adding a rule that means that the jackpot is shared when there are multiple winners.

It Is A Game Of Chance

The brash, over-the-top nature of the game has been a key reason for its popularity. In addition to the hefty jackpot, players can also win smaller prizes, including cars, sports tickets, and other luxury items. The prizes are not capped, and players can win more than once in a draw.

SPECTRE makes its return in Thunderball, the second Bond film to feature them as a primary antagonistic organization after Dr. No and From Russia With Love. This time, the bad guys want to blackmail Great Britain and the United States by stealing two nuclear weapons. They plan to have an agent impersonate a pilot with high security access, fake a military plane crash, and steal the bombs on board. The movie’s plot is interesting enough, but it lacks a sense of levity. Sean Connery’s Bond rarely gets to display his suave witticisms, and the climactic underwater battle takes too long. The villain, Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi), is also not as menacing as he was in Dr. No or Goldfinger.

It Is A Game Of Skill

The game’s mechanical elements produce results based on skill, rather than chance. While this is a plus, it also removes many of the opportunities for Bond to cap his victories with suave witticisms. Sean Connery still makes for an admirable Bond, but without his signature comic flourishes, the movie feels flat. Adolfo Celi is appropriately menacing as Largo, but the character seems out of place following such memorable nemeses as Dr. No and Goldfinger. The film is also overlong at two and a quarter hours.


Watch the results of the Thunderball draw live every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You can win up to PS500,000 if you match five main numbers plus the Thunderball. To play, simply fill in your chosen numbers on the play slip, and select how many weeks you want to play for. The retailer will then issue you with a ticket.