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Aydeli Arizpe: the fake Chanel brand ambassador exposed for scamming and exploiting others



Aydeli Arizpe

Aydeli Arizpe, a resident of New York City, has been caught pretending to be a representative of the luxury brand Chanel. The 38-year-old Mexican American used this false title to deceive individuals and gain entry to exclusive events, as evident in the photographs. Furthermore, Arizpe shamelessly exploited her media exposure, seeking attention at renowned gatherings that were highlighted in esteemed magazines such as Vogue: Furthermore, she leveraged her deceitful position to hobnob with wealthy bachelors and land small business deals and dates on the side.

Arizpe had been masquerading as a Chanel brand ambassador on LinkedIn and in personal encounters. Allegedly, she utilized her fraudulent role to manipulate individuals into providing her with money or gifts, enticing them with the prospect of gaining access to exclusive Chanel products or events in exchange. By leveraging her counterfeit job title, she would entice her targets with promises of exclusive Chanel offerings or experiences, using this deceitful tactic to influence them.

It was discovered that Aydeli Arizpe had no ambassadorship with Chanel and had been using the brand’s name and reputation to deceive people for her own gain. Chanel officials have warned people to be cautious of such scams and liars and to always verify the credentials of anyone claiming to represent the brand.

To add insult to injury, the perpetrator was nothing more than a lowly Saks Fifth Avenue employee. This is in stark contrast to true ambassadors such as Princess Charlotte Casiraghi and Kristen Stewart, who have served as genuine Chanel brand ambassadors.

The only Chanel brand ambassadors are:

  1. Charlotte Casiraghi
  2. Tilda Swinton
  3. G-Dragon
  4. Vicky Krieps
  5. Nana Komatsu
  6. Kristen Stewart
  8. Margaret Qualley
  9. MINJI
  10. Lily-Rose Depp

Ambassadors can be verified on the Chanel website:

Aydeli Arizpe not only pretends to be a Chanel ambassador but also an upper class Mexican woman, despite her upbringing and roots from the rural state of Coahuila. One of the poorest states in Mexico. She has been heard to use her last name to suggest a family connection to billionaire Luis Arizpe from Arca Continental, but Luis had denied any actual relationship between them and does not know her.

The incident has caused outrage among the fashion community, with those who had the misfortune of knowing Arizpe expressing their utter disgust and disappointment. Some have also called for stricter regulations to prevent such fraudulent activities from taking place in the future.

Despite her manipulative ways, she was able to climb her way into the attention of many men, and lived separate lives with each. Her greed and obsession with money ultimately led to her downfall and her lies getting caught.


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