Advanced Cancer Treatment In India For A Brighter Future

Cancer is a deadly disease that takes an emotional and physical toll on patients. But with the right treatment plan from top hospitals in India, you can get cured at affordable costs. Known for its expertise in oncology, India has some of the best cancer specialists in the world. It also offers advanced treatment methods like CyberKnife surgery and radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy

A radiation oncologist and a medical physicist team up with you to destroy cancer cells and spare healthy tissues. The treatment can be delivered externally or internally, depending on the type of tumour and its location. A biopsy can confirm or rule out the presence of a cancerous growth. It involves taking a sample of the tumour and examining it under a microscope. Signs of colon cancer can include unexplained blood loss from the rectum, weight loss and constipation. A proper diagnosis from a cancer hospital in India can lead to successful treatment.


Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that kills cancer cells and stops them from spreading. It can be used alone or with other treatments, including radiation therapy and surgery. It can be given through a vein (intravenous, or IV) or directly into the cancerous tissue. It’s often given in cycles, with each cycle lasting a few weeks and followed by a rest period. Stomach cancer treatment in India depends on where the tumor is located in the stomach and how far it has spread.

The best hospitals for chemotherapy in India offer the latest technologies at reasonable rates and have experienced doctors. They provide flexibility in treatment schedules and high levels of patient comfort. They also have highly trained nursing staff and a pleasant ambiance for patients. This is why many foreigners choose to get their chemotherapy in India.


Cancerous cells can hide from the body’s immune system because they look a lot like healthy cells. But immunotherapy is designed to reset your body’s defenses so that the cancer cells are more likely to be detected and destroyed. Immunotherapy uses drugs or antibodies to boost the immune system’s ability to attack cancer. These can include monoclonal antibodies and immune checkpoint inhibitors. Symptoms can include a poor appetite, weight loss and pain above the navel. Immunotherapy may be used with surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.


Surgery is one of the most common cancer treatment options. It involves removing the cancerous tissue from the body. The procedure is carried out at reputed cancer hospitals in India with the latest technology and equipment. Various medical centers in India cater to foreign patients with high-end care and affordable costs. They also offer cost-effective stay packages and sightseeing options for the duration of the therapy. These facilities have state-of-the-art infrastructure and are well-staffed with trained oncologists.

Abdominal pain, a loss of appetite or unintended weight loss, yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes are all early signs of pancreatic cancer. It can be treated by radiation and chemotherapy in top cancer hospitals in India. They also use the da Vinci robot for more accurate robotic-assisted surgeries and Cyberknife for radiation treatment that minimizes side effects.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a medical procedure that replaces damaged bone marrow cells with healthy blood stem cells. This can cure some diseases that cause damaged marrow or serious problems with the immune system, such as leukemia. A BMT can be autologous or allogeneic. Your medical team will collect stem cells from your bone marrow or blood before radiation and chemotherapy, and store them for the transplant. They will then put the stem cells into your bloodstream, similar to a blood transfusion.

Your doctors will test your blood often to check for engraftment. They will also give you medicines to prevent infection and graft-versus-host disease, in which the new blood stem cells attack your own body tissues. They will also give you supportive care to help you feel better.

Final Thought

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases and it has been a debilitating experience for many. Not only does it cause severe health issues, but also shatters the financial stability of patients and their families. Throat cancer can be detected if you experience constant coughing, sore throat or ear pain. It can be cured with radiation therapy and surgery.