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How to Use Matched Betting to Profit from Free Bets



I’m going to discuss a technique I’ve been using that has given me a sizable stream of free money over the past few weeks.

I’ve heard about and been familiar with the fundamentals of this strategy for a while, but until recently, I just haven’t gotten around to using it or benefiting from it The technique I’m referring to is known as matched betting and it makes use of free bets provided by bookmakers. I’ve been using these strategies to earn money for a while, and I frequently blog on my website about how I do it.

Given how far I still have to go, the few hundred pounds I’ve made so far this year are a minor windfall.

I actually only register new bookmaker accounts, place the free bets I receive there, then lay the identical bets on a betting exchange for a percentage of the free bet value to ensure myself a financial return regardless of the outcome of the event.

It is practically risk-free and online crypto casino. Although most people would feel it has no risks, I disagree because executing it incorrectly could result in monetary loss.

To be more specific, I’m stating that you face the risk of losing money if you make your bets poorly. Prior to making a wager, you must be certain that you fully understand what you are doing, are aware of the maximum bet amounts by reading the terms and conditions, and are comfortable with the concept of laying a team on a betting exchange (which is the opposite of betting on a team to win and is essentially the same as betting on the team NOT winning).

You may sign up for an account with a bookmaker that is giving away a free bet, for instance. Let’s assume for the sake of this example that the free bet is for $50.00. (not an unusual sum).

Here, I’ll utilize simple math. You’ll likely need to make a $50.00 qualifying wager in order to be eligible for the $50.00 free bet. You place the exact same wager on a betting exchange to guarantee you don’t lose any money.

I would start by placing my qualifying wager. I’m going to wager the full $50 with the bookmaker on England to overcome Australia in cricket at odds of 2.00 in order to win an extra $50. (Even money).

In order to save my $50.00 qualifying wager from being forfeited, I then lay England for $50.00 at Even Money on the betting market (or as near to Even money as I can get).

I’ll have to lay England at just above 2.00 because the two prices rarely line up exactly. (Even cash). It won’t be much, though; it might be around 2.04 or 2.06, in which case I would receive a $50.00 pro rata return.

My qualifying wager, which I placed and lost between $1 and $2, will essentially be returned to me for $48-$49. However, I have no reason to worry since I will use my free bet to earn it back plus more.

I use my free bet of $50.00 to back England at 2.00 (Even money) before the next cricket match to give myself another chance to earn the same $50.00.But this time, I only wager $25.00—half the amount of the free bet—when I lay England on the betting exchange. I will always receive $25 using this approach.

This guarantees monetary prosperity. If England wins, I will receive a refund of my free bet in the amount of $50 and make a profit of $25 by accepting a loss on the betting exchange of $25.

I won’t gain anything from my free bet if England loses (remember, I don’t lose anything because it’s a free wager). However, the betting exchange does reimburse me $25.00 because I placed a $25.00 lay wager on England (remember from earlier, when I wrote a lay is a bet on a team NOT winning). As you can see, you gain from whatever occurs.

This is merely a general explanation of how this trading or betting strategy works. Using the odds I used in my example makes calculating the sums of money required on both sides of the equation much simpler. Working with a wide variety of chances makes it far more challenging to solve the presented equations, I can guarantee you.

Personally, I come up with ideas on my own, but I’ve been gambling for a long time, so I’m confident in my abilities. Anyone else who wants to adopt this strategy but is unclear of how much to use can do so by using online “Matched Betting Calculators.” Both football betting and the majority of other sports in general may be done using these betting strategies.

Free bet offers like this one, worth hundreds or perhaps even thousands of pounds, are just waiting to be discovered. This year I’ve made about $700 so far, and I still have plenty of money on hand.

Another tiny piece of advice is that once you learn how to do it and have used all the free bets that are available, your mother, father, sister, wife, girlfriend, etc. can all do it.

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